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bird mite infestation

please call me need help.tim caruso 570 279 2036

Lycoming County Pennsylvania about 5 years ago

curling leaves on a burning bush.

We have 4 dwarf burning bush shrubs planted along a concrete patio and all the new leaves are beginning to curl but have not changed color. This only occurs on the tips and doesn't seem to be affected by the amount of water they have availabl. Any thoughts?


Lycoming County Pennsylvania over 4 years ago

tree identification

I have a tree that I'm considering cutting down but I wanted to ID it before I did. I have tried unsuccessfully to ID this tree and was wondering if you could help me? Can I email photos of the tree, leaves and fruit to you for assistance on this? What's the best email to send photos from my iphone? Thanks


Lycoming County Pennsylvania about 6 years ago

Can you identify this spider

Can you help us identify this spider, dropped onto my daughter in laws face. It’s body was bigger then a quarter. thank you



Lycoming County Pennsylvania over 1 year ago

What can I do about erosion of a creek bank on my property?

Hi. My family owns a cabin on an island on Pine Creek in Cummings Township, Lycoming County. It has been in our family for many decades. Over the years, the creek bank in front of the cabin has been eroding. The erosion appears to have been especially bad this winter. Our island is disappearing! Can you provide us with any help--advice or other resources--to combat this problem? Thank you. -Abbey Porter


Lycoming County Pennsylvania over 3 years ago

Straw bale gardening

I conditioned my straw bales and just when I was ready to plant they erupted with thousands of mushrooms covering every inch of the bales. What should I do? Is it safe to plant?


Lycoming County Pennsylvania over 5 years ago

Egg yolk looking fungus ?

We have this growing up from a layer of new mulch that we layed earlier this year. I just discovered it today 9/21. This mulch is only about 4" thick. As you may be able to see, we layed a tarp under the mulch. What is this?


Lycoming County Pennsylvania almost 6 years ago

Help! with Zephyr/Rain Lillies

We have several pots of zephyr lilies that were passed down to us from my father-in-law. We have always hung them in the garage in the fall before it gets too cold. The plants die off until we take them out in the spring and water them, and they come to life again. This year was strange however. For some reason they grew again in the garage over winter...just the greens and not the flowers. They then died off again. Now we have them outside again and have started watering them, but nothing is happening. I'm thinking they didn't get enough time in dormancy? How should we treat them now so they will bloom again?


Lycoming County Pennsylvania over 2 years ago

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