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How to Remedy Luna Hibiscus Wilting Leaves

Luna Hibiscis Wilting Leaves

I have 3 luna hibiscis ready to bloom in their 4th year. Prior to today the leaves and plant looked excellent. I applied a 20-20-20 feretilizer today (10 days from my last treatment) and sprayed misting the leaves as well. About 5 hours later all three plants and all the leaves are now wilting. I never seen something liike this. There are no yellow leaves just wilting leaves. The plants are about 3'x3'. I dont know what to do. I read mist the leaves more, dont water the plant, dont mist the leaves, etc. They look like they are dying very rapidly. The temperature today hit arround 90 degrees. It will hit 90 degrees Thursday & Friday. I cannot relocate. They are planted in the direct afternoon sunlight. I never had this problem, they bloom so very well every year in this spot. I believe the wilting was caused by misting the plant with the water/fertilizer mix.

Please reference the photos, the plants are located outside and cannot be relocated. The dark soil around the base of each plant is not wet soil just the topsoil used with no mulch under each plant.

What should I do? It is 11:45 PM Wednesday 6/26, Im in panic mode.

Thank you,

Mark K.

PS. I will take photos now.

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Lehigh County PA over 1 year ago


I have a few score of dying bees on my porch. I live in Emmaus next to heavy woods. The bees are sluggish and seem to be dying. Do you have any interest re: colony collapse? John Stavros 716 481-6225.

Lehigh County PA almost 5 years ago

Identify shrub or tree

Please identify tree or shrub in pictures and provide any care recommendation

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Lehigh County PA over 3 years ago

Mesclun lettuce being eaten by insects

What can I use to treat the mesclun lettuce?


Lehigh County PA almost 8 years ago

What are these small brown bugs I’m suddenly finding in my home?

What are these small brown bugs I’m suddenly finding in my home?


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Lehigh County PA over 1 year ago

Help needed on garden development

Several community members in the Greater Northern Lehigh Area have expressed interest in a project along the Slate Heritage which had been previously planted with flowers and shrubs but was the subject of much vandalism, We would like to partner with the Wounded Warriors and Penn State Master Gardeners to redevelop this area and create a lasting legacy for all to enjoy. We are looking for recommendations and assistance in all areas as we begin the project. We would like to set up a meeting sometime in June to share ideas and kick off the project. Please contact me at 610-767-1732 and via e-mail as indicated below. Very truly yours, Marc J. Grammes former Lehigh county Commissioner 2004-2008


Lehigh County PA almost 7 years ago

Looking for evergreen for north side of house as a wind barrier

We live in Orefield, PA where the winters generally get to 0 F, but January 2015 the temperatures dipped to -10 F and killed our lovely cherry laurels. The cherry laurels were just right for the location and need, but in their third year they did not survive the last extreme winter. We desire a hardy planting which will have leaves all year (evergreens) and serve as a wind barrier and provide some color to the north facing side of our house. These evergreens should also block the winter drifting snows from our AC compressors on the north side. The area gets perhaps 3 hrs of sun a day. We do not want anything that will grow unchecked to beyond 10 ft. The four plantings could be trimmed to maintain about 5-6 ft. We do not like the color of the golden threadleaf cypress. Deer resistance is desirable as well. Any suggestions as well as suppliers of >4 ft trees?


Lehigh County PA almost 6 years ago

What is this plant?

My son grew this plant from a cutting given to him but we have no idea what the plant is. It is leafy green and gets these red berries quite regularly. Can anyone help us identify it from these pictures?


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Lehigh County PA about 5 years ago

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