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Church kitchens

Must Church kitchens that prepare food for sale to the public (spaghetti dinners, Lenten fish dinners, peach/strawberry festivals, fa nachos, etc) be inspected for health/safety compliance? If yes, by whom? If no, are there guidelines church personnel must follow when preparing food for sale to the public? Thank you in advance for your answer.

Lebanon County PA over 4 years ago

Event times

Is there somewhere on the website that I can find all local events? I live near Hershey PA and am interested in everything 'backyard' growing including food and live stock. As far as I can tell I have to go into each subject to get a list of events. I would love an overall picture!


Lebanon County PA calendar over 6 years ago

Maple tree cracking

Sap is running down the trunk of my red maple tree. I saw there is a crack, which runs up two of the main branches. Should anything be done?


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Lebanon County PA trees and shrubs maple trees red maple over 4 years ago

Orange rust on black raspberry

it appears I have Orange rust on my black raspberries. I have never heard of this disease. Do I really need to destroy all my black raspberry plants? Is this a local issue? I live in Schaefferstown and have been growing black raspberries for over 30 years and never had any problems. I would appreciate any info you could give me to save my plants.


Lebanon County PA master gardener program raspberry diseases brambles orange rust horticulture over 4 years ago

removing a paper wasp nest (LIVE)

I'm a contractor and have a problem on a job with a large paper wasp nest. I don't know how to safely remove it, or dispose of it. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


Lebanon County PA insect issues urban integrated pest management wasps over 5 years ago

Lime near Blue Spruce

I would like to spread Lime on my lawn. At what distance would it be safe for my Blue Spruce trees?


Lebanon County PA trees and shrubs tree health over 5 years ago

Church kitchen inspections

Do churches that make food for sale to the public (e.g., spaghetti dinners, Lenten fish dinners, peach festivals, etc) need to be officially inspected for safety and health compliance? If yes, by whom? If no, are there guidelines church workers should follow when preparing food to sell to the public?


Lebanon County PA food safety food safety training cooking for crowds over 4 years ago

Pepper Transplant Issue

We are seeing a black haze on some of our pepper transplants and are looking for assistance in identifying the issue. There is a black haze (not spots or on the edges, so we are doubtful that it is bacterial spot) on perhaps 10-20% of our transplants. This issue is present on some (but not all) of our Ace, Carmen, Hungarian Hot Wax, and Yankee pepper transplants from Johnny's Seeds (we've contacted their service team and are waiting to hear back). Our grow stands are located in a basement. The airflow was poor for several weeks while we were using only fans for airflow. The airflow has since improved, as we were able to screen in windows and can now catch a cross breeze. Yesterday, we treated one tray with a overhead mist of a neem oil solution. We have also included a picture of several yellowing transplants. Are these to be transplanted to larger containers, fertilized (suggestions?), or both? Thank you for your assistance!


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Lebanon County PA over 2 years ago

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