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Please help! Identify spider

I first kind of apologize that the spider is dead. I live in western Pennsylvania. I have had 2 of these spiders in 2 days on my porch at night. Legs were very long. Approx 3-4in diameter legs. Very aggressive. Legs appeared to be even in length. I am very sensitive to spider bites. Thank you!


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Lawrence County Pennsylvania almost 2 years ago

Soil testing

Do you do lawn soil testing? If so, what are the details of what you need? Where are you located?


Lawrence County Pennsylvania about 5 years ago

Can pomegranates be grown in Pennsylvania?

I have heard that there are varieties of pomegranates that will be productive in Pennsylvania. Do you have any information on what varieties and how to get started what type of soil etc.? Thanks in advance.


Lawrence County Pennsylvania about 7 years ago

Bat bug info

Hoping u can answer some questions here is my story: in June, my son (his room is in the finished attic) found a bug and he had several bites. He woke up with bites on several occasions over the next few weeks. He said it looked like a bed bug but did not keep it. On July 2nd we found 2 bats in our basement, both alive. One in our dogs water bowl, the other in the utility sink. We removed them from the house. A week later there was a bat in our living room. We opened the doors and it flew out. On July 30th he found another bug in his room. We thought it was a bed bug also. We took it to our local Penn State coop. We called exterminator and our house was treated for bed bugs on August 9th. On August 10th the Penn State Coop called and said the bug was a bat bug. I also found a baby bat bug that day on my bathroom floor. We notified the exterminator and he checked our crawl space and found no evidence. We cut 2 more access panels in the attic and called 2 additional exterminators. Both did inspections but could not find any evidence of bats living in our house. We also have watched the house in the morning and evening to pinpoint where they could be coming in. In the 7 days we watched we saw no bats flying in or out of the house. We did fill in a few gaps that were found and we are having our chimney repointed, lined and sealed. Today, August 24th, we found an adult bug in the attic (looked very flat and unfed). Called the exterminator again. How long do these bugs live? Will they reproduce? Is there anything else I should do to get rid of them?


Lawrence County Pennsylvania over 3 years ago

Help with a weed!!!!!

Help! I have a very aggressive weed growing in my yard. I have tried EVERYTHING to get rid of it. Is there a way I could send a photo to help identify it and get advice on how to get rid of it? Thanks, Susan



Lawrence County Pennsylvania over 4 years ago

Blight on young tomato and pepper leaves

I started 3 kinds of tomatoes and 2 kinds of peppers from seed using Ferry Morse seeds. The plants were a beautiful green until I put them outside last week to condition them for planting. I brought them inside the evening of the frost warning. After a few days outside the tomatoes started to become pale. Thinking they may be pot bound in their 3 inch containers I planted them on Saturday, May 23. Today, May 25, I realized the leaves now have pale pink spots on them. The pepper leaves are also affected. Looking up pictures of blight on young tomatoes on the internet I'm wondering if they have a fungus. I also read fungus spores can stay in the soil over the winter to attack your plants the following year. I dug a few plants up, removed them, and intended to burn them, then I decided to check with you before I continue. If it is a fungus and I replace them with purchased healthy plants, do I need to spray the new plants with a fungicide. If so, which one? If it's not a fungus what suggestions do you have? Thanks so much for your help! -Patty


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Lawrence County Pennsylvania almost 6 years ago

Fruit and nut trees

We ordered pecan and almond trees ( deliveredbare root) and pear and nectarine trees in soil. We received them way ahead of schedule. We were advised to place them in planters, keep moist, and get some sun until weather gets better by local nursery. When should we plant them outside? Any advice would be appreciated


Lawrence County Pennsylvania almost 4 years ago

Orange mold or fungi in garden soil?

We live in Western PA and have a newly-tilled garden this year. Our soil is clay, and we do have a problem with iron bacteria between our raised beds in the puddles that form after rain. Lately around there plants there have developed many orange spots. It appears to be some sort of mold or fungi. I cannot identify it after extensive internet searches. Our soil has been wet this spring due to rain, but there is no standing water in the beds because they are raised.


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Lawrence County Pennsylvania almost 2 years ago

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