Juniata County, Pennsylvania

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Silver maple growth

I want to know if the trees I have are growing correctly (leads).

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Juniata County Pennsylvania over 1 year ago

best garden soil amendment

We need to amend our garden soil this year. What would be the recommended additive - mushroom soil, organic manure, ?? We have not tilled it yet. Thank you.


Juniata County Pennsylvania almost 7 years ago

What is this plant??

I have a few plants in my garden my grandmother planted. She thought they were Mellon seeds . But they are growing up to 5 foot tall and have small yellow flowers that smell like cat pee. And the weird shaped pods are star like and smell even more like cat pee and have large white seeds inside please help me figure this out!


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Juniata County Pennsylvania over 4 years ago

Stink bugs - different kind - and bats

I live in Juniata County, coping with stink bugs just like everyone else. We live in a rather poorly constructed log home, so they find easy access and we've had lots of them, although there are less inside right now. Yesterday I found a dead one that isn't at all like the other ones. Its wings are extended in death, and there's a black area on the bottom edge of its back. Just now I found another one. Don't know if anyone needs to know this. I'm wondering if it just might be a female? If so, strange that I've never seen any before after all the hundreds I've picked up. I'm sorry for the poor photo.

While I'm at it, there was a bat in my bedroom last night, the first one in several years since they went into decline from disease. Are they making a come back I wonder. (They also find easy access. I keep a fishing net upstairs to catch them to release outside. I caught the one last night but it escaped on my way downstairs to the door. I suppose I won't get much sleep tonight again.)



Juniata County Pennsylvania almost 6 years ago

Porcupine Issues! HELP!!!

I live outside a small town in Juanita County, in which my land borders that of thousands of acres of Shade Mountain State Forrest Land. Over the past few years, I have tried planting a variety of Peach, Apple, Pear and some hardwood saplings. I also have a vegetable garden yearly. My vegetable garden does very well with the use of Deer & Rabbit Spray Deterrent, "the stuff that smells like garlic/old garbage" when applied. However, every year I plant saplings with bark, it's only a matter of time before the Porcupines chew thru the bark and into the heart of saplings and kills them. I've tried the spray, other spays that are supposed to be spicy hot for a bad taste, chicken wire fence, but they just roll & push over/thru that, and sapling bark wrap, but the just climb/nock over the sapling to get at any exposed bark. I don't have any pictures, because the Porcupines have killed my tree saplings the past 2 years. I do not want to invest money for a third year on planting barked saplings without a cure for my Porcupine issues. I would prefer a spray or hand applied deterrent mixture recommendation, over the use of fencing or cage. Those Porcupines are determined, no mater what fencing is between them and their desired prize. I need a smelly, nasty tasting deterrent for these Porcupines! Any suggestions would be great!


Juniata County Pennsylvania about 5 years ago

Ash tree disease

Thank you for the response. What can be done to get rid of the ash borer?


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Juniata County Pennsylvania about 7 years ago

Silver maple growth

I would like to know if my silver maples and sycamore trees are growing properly, or should I trim them.


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Juniata County Pennsylvania over 1 year ago

past director

We have an old notebook that came down through the family and the printed notes are headed "The Pennsylvania State College School of Agriculture and Experiment Station, Division of Agricultural Extension, M.S. McDowell, Director" We would like to get an idea of what year or years that might be from. Do you have any records telling that director's name and when they were there? Thank you for any response you can give!


Juniata County Pennsylvania almost 4 years ago

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