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wood eating something

we just discovered what appear to be wood eating in the patio roof of a home we purchased last year. They have eaten a good part of a beam. The house was wood and then siding was over the wood. We cannot see much more re damage right now. Can you help with identifying this bug and any other suggestions would be most appreciated. We called 4 pest control companies, but since it is Saturday afternoon, no return calls until next week and then put on the schedule... anyway, I think it has 4 wings, and three parts to its body, is black or brown and the wings seem a bit yellowish/tannish. thank you for any help you can give us.

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Jefferson County Pennsylvania over 3 years ago


Hello - I am trying to identify a grouping of spiders found in Jefferson County, PA. Any information that can be provided will be most welcome. Sincerely, Margo at 570 357 4070


Jefferson County Pennsylvania over 3 years ago

Soil testing

I am going to landscape my yard and need to know what nutrients to add to the soil


Jefferson County Pennsylvania almost 8 years ago

What is this bug

What is this bug called my sister found it in my room and now I'm curious


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Jefferson County Pennsylvania over 2 years ago

Cyanide in wild mushrooms

Hi, I recently found Grifola frondosa (sheep's head) growing under a cherry tree. I had concerns about it possibly absorbing cyanide from the cherry tree. I ordered an at home test but the results were inconclusive. With some research I learned the mushroom naturally produces low amounts of cyanide. But is it safe? In what circumstances could this be dangerous? I was wondering if you had any conclusive information about this or could direct me to get an answer. Thank you


Jefferson County Pennsylvania over 4 years ago

Water Well Location

Any idea on how to inexpensively locate our water well? We bought the house about 3 or 4 years ago and the previous owners did not know where the well was (or at least they claimed they didn't know). We have searched every inch of our property and there is no well head or any indication of a well. We woke up this morning to no water (Merry Christmas, right?) and the inside pump is working but not pulling any water through. Please help with any suggestions. We do not have hundreds or thousands of dollars. We had to install a water treatment system (reverse osmosis) when we moved in which took every last penny that we were going to spend on other things that need done with the house.


Jefferson County Pennsylvania about 5 years ago


biochar is it good for cattle feed ? cost benefit?


Jefferson County Pennsylvania almost 6 years ago

Zucchini substitute in home preservation

Hello, I have made your quick sweet pickle recipe now for a few years and just about everyone loves it made with cucumbers. My question is: "Will it be alright to use zucchini instead of cucumbers for that same recipe?" " Does the process time change if it is?" I know that we are supposed to follow the recipe to the letter(which I always do). Thank you Terry Clawson


Jefferson County Pennsylvania over 5 years ago

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