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Your picture of amur honeysuckle species is a perfect match to mine near Indiana Pennsylvania have y

I live in Indiana PA has this species been found in PA it is a perfect match to your pic

Indiana County PA about 1 year ago

Is there any help for FFA students?

Is there any help for FFA members who want to show at fair other than being forced to join a 4H group? If so, where can we get the help.


Indiana County PA about 7 years ago

small black wasp?

So, I'm deathly afraid of flying bugs and there was this wasp. So, closed up it's like, maybe an 3/4ths of an inch long. It looks like a smaller pill capsule, but when it spreads its wings, it looks like a wasp. I couldn't get a photo of it but it nearly escaped our bug zapper. I've been looking for about 45 minutes (all the while freaking out because I'm allergic to wasps and afraid of them) I've only seen this one, and one about 2 years ago. It was in the 90s both days outside, if that helps with anything.


Indiana County PA about 1 month ago

Hemlock disease?

A neighbor had a tree taken down and the contractor told her my 2 large hemlock trees have a disease that is affecting Indiana County. He showed her a white colored fungus-looking growth on a branch. Is this a common problem in the area and are there steps I can take short of paying his rather high fee to treat the trees?


Indiana County PA over 6 years ago

why does my Hemlock look as though it sparkles like rain drops on needles?

I have a large Hemlock that, when you look at it, it shines as though it is covered with silvery rain drops? This is on top of the needles. Carol


Indiana County PA over 3 years ago

Left leeks in ground over winter

I left some of my leeks in the ground overwinter. Some are forming seed heads. 1) Should I pinch them? My leeks did not get as big as in the grocer store. I use them mostly for broth so I would feel OK harvesting them and freezing them. 2) But should I just leave them in the ground and harvest as needed this season? Also,, some of the leeks formed what looks like clumps of grass. 3) Can I separate them and plant them the same as leek seedlings?


Indiana County PA about 3 years ago

Late Blight Tomatos

The past several years we have been decimated by late blight. We understand this is a fungal problem, but don't quite know how to deal with it. Our first two years were in the garden were very productive and clean, but the past three years have been nothing but late season blight. This past year we increased the spacing for more air circulation to keep the plants drier, to no avail. We would prefer an organic method of control, but have read conflicting information. I decided to turn to the area experts . . . you. Any information will be sincerely appreciated. Our garden is located in Burrell Township, just outside of Blairsville.


Indiana County PA over 6 years ago

Death of a 30 year old maple tree

Is there a blight in PA that would cause a 30 year old maple tree to suddenly die? There is some light green scaley material on one side of the trunk and some greener moss on the other side. When it first got leaves in the spring they were sparse and quickly turned brown and fell off. Hoping that this won't happen to another red maple tree on the property.


Indiana County PA almost 4 years ago

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