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Herpetology: Snake den

Hello, I'm hoping that you can offer a little advice as to where to locate a snake den on my parent's property just outside of Waynesburg, Pa. They have lived 30+ years in their split entry home in the country with the closest neighbor 1/4 mile away, where in the last 10 years or so they've seen more and more snakes outside their property. They appear to be garter snakes and black snakes. Just this summer when my children and I would visit usually twice a week, I probably seen between 15-20 snakes very near the house as we would be walking on the sidewalk. On Thanksgiving day I saw what looked like a baby snake, only 6 inches or so. The week after that, my children and I were in their unfinished basement, used for storage only, getting Christmas decorations and I saw 5 snake skins up in the rafters, 2 of which were every bit between 5-6 ft. long. One of the snake skins looked just like a real snake, as the skin was all in one piece, face and all. This is when we realized there was a bigger problem than we thought. Snakes outside are awesome, snakes inside are unsettling to say the least. Also while my mother was home alone last thurs, her mastiff started growling from the living room looking towards the foyer. There was a black snake, and as soon as it seen my mother, it slithered under the nearby basement door. At this point we are desperate for advice on how to remove these snakes. We do realize the way they most likely got in the house was from a crack in the foundation. I called 2 pest control companies and both said we need to locate the den because they will continue to be a problem. Actually the one company added to their advice to burn the house down. This is very frustrating and we feel helpless. We don't know where else to turn. A professor at Waynesburg University thought maybe you can offer us advice. We would very much appreciate any info on how to locate a den or where to turn. Tyty, Tiffany


Greene County Pennsylvania about 4 years ago

Bed Bug Deterrents ranked

plesse rank the following bed bug detterents highest to lowest.


Cedar chip sacks

Raid ant & bed bug spray


Greene County Pennsylvania over 1 year ago

Planting Tree Seedlings

Do you have planting instructions for tree seedlings? Something I can print out and pass out to use for a group.


Greene County Pennsylvania almost 8 years ago

Preschool Visits

Does the extension visit local preschools to host programs for the children?


Greene County Pennsylvania over 5 years ago


Is it possible to sign up a whole class at a time, rather than paying for one student at a time?


Greene County Pennsylvania about 1 year ago

raised garden beds

How to build one that can be used for years without using womanized wood


Greene County Pennsylvania about 5 years ago

Can you identify this houseplant?

I was wondering if anyone could identify this plant. It is a houseplant that roots on the top of the soil. It has no smell.



Greene County Pennsylvania over 6 years ago

What kind of insect is this

A friend of mine had this lil critter visit her today...can you tell what it is?



Greene County Pennsylvania over 4 years ago

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