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Cutting lower branches off spruce trees

We have a long driveway with 30 tall spruce trees. They are 50 years old. My father planted them too close together, and now they are huge and cover the ground with weeds and bushes growing between them. They are beautiful but they stick out over the blacktop driveway and cause cars to drive on the grass to get by them without getting hit by their branches. My husband wants to have their branches cut off from the bottom about 6 or 7 feet. I inherited this property and I don’t want to ruin the beauty of it. A cabin is at the end of the driveway and the trees add to the beauty. My question is will cutting the lower branches off hurt the trees and will they still look OK? Snow removal is also very difficult as you can’t push the snow off to the side. Please tell me what to do as it is very upsetting. And is it OK to do the trimming in June or July? The name of the lane is Tall Spruce Lane. Twelve of the trees closer to the cabin died and had to be taken down. I don’t want anything to happen to the remaining 30. Thank you, Jeanne


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Fulton County Pennsylvania over 2 years ago

Yard infestation

There are thousands of little bugs in my yard and my neighbors yards. Never seen them before. Worried because I have dogs. What are they and should I be worried?



Fulton County Pennsylvania 11 months ago

Big Spider

I was walking through Meadow Grounds State Park in Mcconnellsburg and encountered 2 huge spiders. I snapped a pic curious to find out what the species is? The one had an egg sack underneath its body. I've never seen anything close to this size in Pa.


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Fulton County Pennsylvania over 2 years ago

Fulton county goat tagging dates for FFA/4-H

I am trying to find the tagging dates for my son's meat goat to be showed through the Fulton County FFA. Would you please point me in the right direction of where I should be looking to find out this date and other important information. Thank You, Shane Gress


Fulton County Pennsylvania almost 6 years ago

Dimension misapplication

Our neighbor mistakenly applied Dimension granular to her garden. We removed the top inch or so of soil but i am concerned about the vegetable crops that are already growing and and seeding to be done later. Do"s she need to abandon the plot and start over someplace else?


Fulton County Pennsylvania over 4 years ago

Noxious/invasive plants in southcentral PA

Is there a field guide--an actual book--with pictures that identifies the noxious/invasive plants in south central PA? If you know where I can purchase one, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for any help you can provide.


Fulton County Pennsylvania over 6 years ago

Sheep and chickens, together??

Can I have sheep and chickens on the same pasture at the same time? I'm going for rotational grazing, but the chickens go slower and the sheep are coming around the pasture again. So, I wanted to know if the sheep will be harmed by chicken manure if they graze over it? Thanks, Rob


Fulton County Pennsylvania over 5 years ago

Oak Trees Damage/Disease?

In the forest surrounding my home in McConnellsburg, several mature oak trees have a problem on their bark that I have never seen before. The damage starts at ground level and continues 50 to 70 feet nearly to the top. These oaks appear to be dying, while the surrounding oaks appear healthy. I can't tell whether the damage is due to wildlife or disease. Can you identify the cause from the 3 attached photos?


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Fulton County Pennsylvania over 5 years ago

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