Forest County, Pennsylvania

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old 4-h photos

I have a bunch of old 4-h photos from forest county and possibly clarion county. I don't have a lot of information on them and I'm not sure what to do with them. If you could give me any ideas that would be greatly appreciated.


Forest County Pennsylvania over 5 years ago

Spider ID

Was wondering if you could identify this spider found in Forest county Howe Twp, PA. I have never seen it before. its about 25 mm across.


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Forest County Pennsylvania over 5 years ago

Why the spring box?

Hello, I own some land near Cook Forest state park in PA near where I grew up. There is a concentrated spring in the hillside which I would like to develop. My question is: why do I need a spring box if I plan to run the water into a large storage tank and pump it to a cottage? You could make the argument of sediment and settling but couldn't you simply keep your pump off the bottom and have a clean out drain at the base of the tank recessed into the hillside? This would eliminate the cost and work of a spring box. What am I missing here? Sincerely, Josh


Forest County Pennsylvania about 5 years ago

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