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My grandson is very interested in joining. He is 11 years old. IsaacJMagnus@gmail.com is his email. I am JodyLMcCloy@aol.com. 724 875 7228. I do live in Fayette county. We tried to call but the number was disconnected,


Fayette County Pennsylvania almost 5 years ago

Red algae

Hello I ve had my pond for 20 years now and this year I got this reddish algae, it disappears at night and appears around 10 or11oclock it looks green in the evening , has a greasy feel to it, what is it and how do I get rid of it without harming the koi?


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Fayette County Pennsylvania about 4 years ago

Weed Killer recommendation specifically for "Buttercup"

I live in Fayette County and last summer I developed a lot of yellow buttercup weed in my yard. I attempted to kill the weed with spray weed killers denoting the buttercup weed. I apparently have over sprayed because I now have a lot of bare yard. Could you recommend a good weed killer and/or a procedure for removing weeds and the appropriate procedure for reseeding my yard. I shall look forward to your response at your earliest convenience. Gratefully yours, Rich Maier rmaier3@verizon.net 724-437-6737


Fayette County Pennsylvania over 3 years ago

Cicada effect on gladiolus 2016 season

My glands are usually the most beautiful, up to seven foot tall with beautiful blooms, but this year the buds are brown on the ends and when the flowers bloom, the blooms are very brown. Also, some are not even blooming, just turning brown. I have researched diseases to Gladys, and nothing seems to match the condition of my glads. The only usual occurrence has been the cicadas of 2016, could this be the problem and will my corms recover next year? Thank you for your help. Cynthia Rath


Fayette County Pennsylvania about 4 years ago

turkey hawks

We have about 30 turkey hawks in two trees off Ontario St. in Pt. Marion. They do create a health hazard. Is there any way Penn State Extension can take care of this problem?


Fayette County Pennsylvania over 7 years ago

Holes in the lawn

At least 20 or more holes in the yard. If you say they are raccoon or skunk looking for grubs how can they dig a perfectly round hole like there is the my lawn?


Fayette County Pennsylvania about 2 years ago

overwintering patio plants

I have three patio peaches that my friend gave me. She said she kept them on her porch in the summer and in the winter she put them in her garage next to the window. Should I put them in my garage before or after they loose their leaves? They also need bigger pots. Should I place them in bigger pots before or after they loose their leaves? Thank you


Fayette County Pennsylvania about 5 years ago

My Corkscrew Willow is Turning Yellow

I have a Corkscrew Willow that I grew from a cutting from a tree that I grew from another cutting and it is turning yellow and I see leafless branches in the top. Is there anything I can do to save my tree? It is about 7 years old and about 30 feet tall and double trunked at about 6-7" in diameter. Thank you for any help. If I need to take another cutting and start that I will, but I would love to save my tree.



Fayette County Pennsylvania about 6 years ago

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