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How to tie up new grape plants

I am looking for some one to help me tie up new grape on the wire and posts?


Erie County PA grapes horticulture over 5 years ago

Plant that looks like Japanese Knotweed

I am trying to get an ID of a plant that I thought was Japanese Knotweed but probably isn't I would like to e-mail pictures to someone who can help me figure out what it is. I have mire pictures and a side by side of the leaves of knotweed and this other plant Thank you



Erie County PA over 6 years ago

My 2 year old honey locust lost it leaves

My locust was planted in the spring of 2015 everything has been fine until a few days ago it lost almost all of its leaves. I have no idea what is stressibg it . No sign of infestation that i can see . Attached are two photos please help i dont want to loose it


Img_3456_300x300%2523 Img_3455_300x300%2523

Erie County PA over 2 years ago

Tree has leaves every year in summer. This year almost no leaves

I am not sure of the type of tree, but would like to get the leaves back. Any suggestions? I believe it is an oak.


Erie County PA trees and shrubs oaks horticulture over 5 years ago

growing grass difficulty

Do you test soil to determine what is lacking in the dirt to grow grass, our lot is hard and clay, we had it rock hounded, and sprayed for grass three times. and still no grass! help


Erie County PA lawns and turf over 3 years ago

dying trees

I have some well established soft maple trees (12 to 18 inches on the stump) that are dying. One did not leaf out at all this year and another only about half. Would you have an answer for this?


Erie County PA trees and shrubs over 4 years ago

Educational programs

I am a science teacher at Community Country Day school in Erie PA I was wondering if your group offer any educational programs for private and public school to participate in? I was at a professional development class last week and one of the teachers from Warren PA said that they had a master gardeners group come to their school and educate the students on how to grow plants from seeds.


Erie County PA science education master gardener program over 6 years ago

Creeping Charlie removal without chemicals

I have a heavy infestation of creeping charlie I use a mulching mower I don't garden with chemicals What I have read about removing creeping Charlie is borax, which may not work and may kill other things I have also read increasing nitrogen and ph may help other vegetation out compete I have a lot of newly cleared areas wherer I am growing vegetables and native shrubs and perennials. Eventually I want to have less lawn but not all creeping Charlie I am a certified Pollinator garden I am in Erie County Any Ideas


Erie County PA weed issues horticulture over 6 years ago

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