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Ag. Core and #24 Swimming Pools

Received a notification that I am required to take a complete Core and #24 Swimming Pool...are there no longer just a recertification class..my certification was good until 2019..now saying only 1 recertification per ? Have continually taken these courses for up-teen million years,now what's going on ? Please help...asap


Elk County Pennsylvania about 4 years ago


I have a Mustang ready to be titled by the BLM but I first need an approved individual (veterinarian, extension agent, or local humane official to look at him to verify that he has received proper care and appears to be in good health. Can the extension office provide this service.


Elk County Pennsylvania over 7 years ago

Boxwood disease

I read you article in the Daily Press on Wed. this week concerning the boxwood disease, I recently purchased 7 of these plants from Wal Mart in St.Marys PA 15857> All 7 plants leaves are turning a bronze color in the middle and with some leaf dropping. My first though was as to where I purchased them,but I as I walk in the mornings at Benzinger Park I also noticed their Boxwood turning. Their plants probably purchased from a landscape Co. I have not at this time notice a sticky feel. 814-834-6134


Elk County Pennsylvania over 7 years ago

black fungus?

Hi we have this black fungus that is all over our black eyed susans it has come and gone for a few years it really didn't bother us much cuz the flowers stayed nice but the leaves and stems got black. But now it is onour tiger eye sumac and iI'm not sure what to do because i really don't want to lose it. From what i know about them they don't do well with pruning?? If there is any information you can give us we would really appreciate it. Thank you!


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Elk County Pennsylvania almost 5 years ago

Tiny winged bugs

Finding tiny winged bugs in my house. I can’t identify them. Only a couple so far.


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Elk County Pennsylvania over 2 years ago

Spots on tomatoes

I purchased starter tomatoes plants in June and they are growing like crazy but on one of the plants the fruit has brown specs all over them. Is there someone that can help a new gardener?



Elk County Pennsylvania over 4 years ago

leaves curling, brown

I am not sure what kind of tree this is, but it was planted about 8-9 years ago and is now about 15 feet tall. Just in the last week or so, the leaves began turning brown and curling up. It started with one branch, but has quickly progressed to many. Tonight I cut off a few if the worst branches thinking they were diseased, and noticed black ants going up and down the trunk and tightly curled, still green leaves in large bunches at the ends of some of the upper branches especially. Please identify the tree and problem if you can. Many thanks in advance for your time.



Elk County Pennsylvania over 6 years ago

Pressure Canning

HI, I am researching which pressure canner to purchase. I have noticed that most need the gauge check and it is recommended to contact your local extension office. Do any of the extension offices check the gauge for correct pressure? I am in Elk County. Thank You, Sarah D'Amore


Elk County Pennsylvania over 5 years ago

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