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invasive plant

Have a huge, fast growing, fast spreading plant (weed) I can't get rid of. I'm not sure what it is but in looking through my books I think it might be Knotweed,Japanese. We have use roundup. Do you have any suggestions. It is going into the neighbors yard also. It seems like there is no stopping it.

Dauphin County PA weed management horticulture almost 7 years ago

Which feels colder, exosphere, thermosphere or mesosphere?

I know the coldest temperatures on Earth are found in the mesosphere. I also understand the highest temperatures are in the thermosphere. However, I've learned that it is the friction of the elements/molecules that create heat. Since their are very few ele/mol in the thermosphere I understand how it can feel cold. Does this mean that the exosphere, thermosphere and mesosphere would all feel equally cold - on the skin? - in the body? Would the thermosphere cook us like a microwave?


Dauphin County PA science meteorology atmospheric science almost 4 years ago


Recently hogweed and wild parsnip has been identified as somewhat of a hazard to our maintenance workers. We are in search of posters that we could hang in our maintenance sheds that show pictures of these weeds. Could you help us please?


Dauphin County PA health and safety over 3 years ago

English Ivy looking dead

We have a brick wall of mature English Ivy. This past winter the bottom 3 feet of the ivy was impacted with ice and snow for almost 2 months. Since the snow and ice have melted, all of the ivy looks dead. There are a very few green leaves mixed in. Will the ivy recover or should we remove it and start over?


Dauphin County PA trees and shrubs horticulture over 5 years ago

Animal poop

I found this inside a chicken run inside a 4 foot high picket fence with underground wire around the perimeter and upon the chicken coop that is about 4 ft tall. No sign of digging. iit is about the diameter of an apple. Black and a bit like a dog poop.



Dauphin County PA animal excrement identification 6 months ago

English walnut.

Its June my English walnut tree is starting to drop the small leaves. This is the third year .please help . Is there a fix


Dauphin County PA 8 months ago

bird mites

I have been bitten by bird mites I have them in my home, I need help I have bite marks .I cant afford pest control .Will they keep breeding in my home ? I am getting a steamer to clean everything and a new hepa filter sweeper. I feel them on me. I am desperate.please help. my phone number is 717-905-2150 my name is Julie Kuhn


Dauphin County PA insect issues urban integrated pest management insect management bird mites over 5 years ago

Spraying near waterways

I need some clarification. I work for a municipality (Borough of Paxtang), and have an outfield fence line that is being overtaken by vegetation. I would like to spray the fence to control such vegetation, except for the fact that it rests within 10'-20' from a local small stream. What I've found so far is that I believe I need to file for an NPDES in order to apply pesticides/herbicides within that area. Any help or clarification would be much appreciated. Thank you! Eric Kessler


Dauphin County PA over 3 years ago

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