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Red mold on a corkscrew willow

My corkscrew willow has red jelly fungus on the trunk and leaves have been turning yellow and falling off. I have used a fungicide which seems to have curtailed the fungus somewhat. Any thoughts on fixes or likely problems and/or ramifications of this activity

Cumberland County PA over 2 years ago


A Black & Decker lantern with one 2200 lumen, 10 watt LED costs $50. A string of 50 LEDs, total 5 watts, total ?? lumens cost $4. Why are high-lumen LEDs so much more expensive?


Cumberland County PA about 5 years ago

Rooting base of old English Yew to move it.

I have an English Yew that I trained into 3 tiers. I found it when it was only about 6 inches tall around 1989. It is now way too big and is getting crowded out by some very large red cedars. My question is this. Since the first ball starts about two feet up the trunk can I make it grow roots at the base then cut below that and move it. This is my idea. Get a big black plastic pot and cut it so I can put it around the base. Put bricks under the pot leaving room to cut the trunk below the pot once it has roots. Score the trunk up and down. Put rooting hormone in the scores and fill the black pot with moisture retentive soul. Would this work to create a new root system above the other one so I could move it?



Cumberland County PA over 2 years ago

Black bugs around open window

I have some very small black bugs around my open windows and on the shutters of those windows. They don't appear to be spring tails as they don't jump or fly, even though it looks like they might have wings.

That's my index finger in one photo just to show scale. The bug is kind of squished though.


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Cumberland County PA over 5 years ago

Leland Cypress Trees

Hi. We live in Chambersburg and have 4 remaining Leland Cypress trees. They are 15 years old. One died and I removed it this spring. The remaining ones look like they are thinning and have scattered brown spots. I put in some trees spikes, but is there anything else I can do to make sure they are and remain healthy? Thank you, Joe Jenkins


Cumberland County PA over 5 years ago

Emerald Green Arborvitae

I have a row of arborvitae 20 yrs. old or more . I am experiencing them turing brown and completely dying. Why is this happening ? It isn't every one just some {4{ in .a cluster next to one another/


Cumberland County PA 5 months ago

Hello, I am the committee chair/leader for Trail Life troop PA-0101...

Hello, I am the committee chair/leader for Trail Life troop PA-0101 ( and on the board for American Heritage Girls PA-0101 located at Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton church in Mechanicsburg, PA. We are church affiliated troops, our youth range in ages from 5 to 18. As part of our program, we feel it is important for the TL and AHG members to spend as much time in the outdoors and to learn about important resources around them and yes when possible earn badges. I am contacting you to ask if you could help our kids learn about local agriculture. If you have someone local that could talk to our troop, maybe lead or arrange a trip to farms, wineries, orchards etc., so they learn what is available and maybe get involved in our local agriculture. I know this is a lot to ask, but if we could set something up over the next year that would really be a blessing. I'm sure you are aware, these are our future leaders and we need to provide them with every opportunity to succeed. By the way, we believe in service to the community also, and if we can help you with any project. Thank You, Sincerely, Andrew Najdek...


Cumberland County PA over 4 years ago

plant sale

When is the fall plant sale


Cumberland County PA over 7 years ago

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