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We have not had a problem with bats until 5 days ago. All of a sudden we have a bat every night in the house. To my knowledge all holes are closed but apparently not. They act dazed not as lively as they usually are. Help? What to look for? What to do?


Crawford County Pennsylvania almost 4 years ago

Robin eggs..

Last week while cleaning out the flower beds.. I noticed a robin nest with 3 eggs.. we were gone for a couple days.. upon returning home.. I checked the nest and there is only 2 eggs and they were covered in rain droplets.. I have yet to see the robin sitting on the nest??? Could she have abandoned them??


Crawford County Pennsylvania about 1 year ago

Healthy local foods

Hello, I'm a middle school health and physical education teacher that has concerns about what the cafeterias feed our children. Can you point me in a direction to try to get some local, healthy food available for the students and staff in our district.


Crawford County Pennsylvania almost 3 years ago

unknown flower growing in yard

I have a different flower plants blossumimg in my veg garden. One plant is now over seven foot tall and free standing. When it started the leaves looked similar to a gourd plant. The main stem has multiple pods (dozens) that are blossuming into lavender colored flowers. They about three inch cups with a white pentagon at the inside base of the seed stem. I find it hard to find this description on-line. The closest I could find is morning glory. Any ideas what they could be?


Crawford County Pennsylvania almost 6 years ago

Tomato end rot

Ron Gill called and has some tomato's that are turning dark on the bottom's. Is this end rot and can it be treated organically? He would prefer to be called at 336-3147.


Crawford County Pennsylvania almost 5 years ago

Lawn an turf cert for golf course

next cerf course for course managers


Crawford County Pennsylvania over 3 years ago

Spring crop harvest

What is the crop being bailed this week in Crawford county, PA(Conneautville, PA)


Crawford County Pennsylvania about 6 years ago

Tallest growing weed.

What's the fastest, tallest, thickest growing bush, shrub type, weed; that can grow in partial sunny areas?


Crawford County Pennsylvania about 5 years ago

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