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Small ant like bugs with wings that fly/hop

Can you identify this bug? They came out of no where in my apartments bathroom and I don’t know where they are coming from or how to stop them. I see them mostly at night.


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Columbia County PA over 2 years ago


YES about 3 weeks ago I purchased a MUSKOGEE Crepe Myrtle. I checked and this should be winter hardy for the PA area. I live in Catawissa. This tree is about 8' tall and was balled where the roots etc were 22"x24" It has started to bloom so I believe it has SETTLED IN WELL. I have not mulched it yet bc I was contemplating what is BEST and have done some research...BUT a friend tells me I should put small 1" river stone around it to help retain some of the moisture and then mulch with SOME peat moss topped off with Pine Straw. Im just reluctant. PLEASE ADVISE !!!


Columbia County PA over 1 year ago

Can our large rhododendron be saved after severe deer damage?

We have several rhododendron bushes averaging about 7 to 8 feet in height. This winter while we were in Florida the deer ate all the leaves from the ground up to about 4 feet high. The uneaten leaves at the top of the bushes are now starting to brown up and appear to be dying. Is there any chance these will ever recover? Is there anything I can do to help them back to health. Any help appreciated. Thank you


Columbia County PA almost 6 years ago

Help identifying insect larvae

I'm having trouble identifying the insect larvae in the attached pictures. My best guess based on what I could find online is European corn borer, but I'm not really sure. They appeared on a wooden table on my porch yesterday, 9/9/2015. I live just outside of Berwick. Any help you could provide is very much appreciated.


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Columbia County PA over 5 years ago

Crowhopping In protest

Hello I am not sure if you have any videos or training tips that can help me with this .

I have had my horse for over three years now the whole time I have had him he's done one behavior I can't seem to get him past crow hopping.

I tried punishing him, ridding it out, different saddles ,ignoring it everything . He does it both English and western on a lunge line and off. He does it with all rides of all weight differences.

I had his teeth and had a physical check on him, there's nothing physically wrong with him he is 17 years old and healthy. The vet said that he does has arthritics in his front right, but he is now on sups to help with that and acts like a two year old again no limp no soreness acts 100% Normal and healthy. Spirited as ever.

I also did some back research on him and he used to do this when he was a five-year-old as a lesson horse, Instead of correcting the problem they aloud him to win; they gave up on him he went to an Eventing person. Now keep in mind he's the slowest horse in the world he's a lazy boy so eventing is far from what he should be used for. he did again they gave up on him and he went through three different auction houses.then I bought him from the man that had him before me.

Anyways he only does this when we ask him to move forward into a faster gate. When we ask him to move faster he will swish his tail put his ears back a little pick up his head then if you ask again he will move into the gate for a step or two then crow-hop. If you get after him and keep him moving after a few hops he's finished then he does what he is asked to do.

He also leg cues because we think the girl used to much rain that had him before me so I'm working on that but when you use more leg on him he gets pissy when you finally do get him into the next gate he will crow hop on a few times and then he stops.

Again he only does this when he's asked to move into a faster gate , so from a walk to a trot, and a trot to canter. He will ignore your cue at first like he is saying "No I dont wanna do that." when you keep asking and egging him on he finally does but that is when the hopping starts.

I heard it can be a learned behavior or a quark he has but either way I wanna learn how to teach him not to do it under saddle.

Then he's fine but I want him to not do it at all any ideas or suggestions



Columbia County PA over 5 years ago

Old grape vine

I have discovered an old, single grape vine this spring. It is on my neighbor's property and she has given me permission to transplant onto my land. It is about 150 foot long (really! goes up one old tree and hangs down the other side.) Curiously, there are still grapes from last season. my question is how to make cuttings, transplant and/or just start my own vine(s). We think it is at least 30-40 years old, based on the fact that her aunt, who grew grapes planting it with other vines, died years ago. I will take pictures as soon as I can and send but am at work and worry that it may be getting late in the season. Thank you for any help.


Columbia County PA almost 5 years ago

Calla lily

I received a potted calla lily one week ago. I had it in the house by a window, but didn't get much light. White spots have appeared on the leaves, a few new shoots turned yellow! What have I done wrong?


Columbia County PA almost 2 years ago

Logging roads/trails

I am wondering if there are any regulations regarding the construction of roads or trails on private wooded properties regarding soil erosion. A neighboring property to mine has put in roads straight down steep grades that us causing erosion problems.


Columbia County PA almost 5 years ago

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