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Selling a live black walnut tree

I have a black walnut tree on my property I'd like to sell. It's approx 30" wide and really tall and straight. How do I place a value on it?


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Clinton County Pennsylvania over 2 years ago

Brown Pond Algae

Hello, I have a small (25'X 25') pond that is nearly opaque with what I think is a brown suspended algae. What should I do? I used a copper based algaecide one month ago to kill off green algae but now a brown type remains. Thanks Pat Walsh


Clinton County Pennsylvania about 4 years ago

Found this guy by my bed

Can someone tell me what spider it is



Clinton County Pennsylvania about 4 years ago

European Wasp

We had a european wasp enter our home last night. Have there been other sightings around the Lock Haven area? Should we be concerned? Thanks, Dana


Clinton County Pennsylvania almost 5 years ago

amur maple tree

I planted a AMUR FLAMING MAPLE tree 2 years ago big one in burlap 10 ft high..Leaves are green with red blotchs and others are pale yellow with no veins.Tree was bought in lycoming co. ..These leaves should be bright red by now not turning yellow.or still green ..No red for 2 years that i have had it..NICE green leaves in summer is in full sun and no water problems...


Clinton County Pennsylvania almost 5 years ago

When to prune a mature pin oak.

When may or should I prune a lower branch of a mature pin oak? It is April 5, 2016, and buds have just barely begun to appear on the branches. All the brown leaves have finally dropped. If I cut the branch, does it have to be back to the trunk, or can it be only half way. The branch is about 16 feet long, and I'd like to cut it at the 8 ft. mark, where it is 1 1/2 inches thick. I may wish to prune one other, smaller branch as well. Is it wise to cut it now? When would be the best time? If I cut it now, what precautions should I take?


Clinton County Pennsylvania over 4 years ago

Powdery cucumber leaves

My cucumbers and squash are getting a white powdery look and dying off. What might this be and is there an organic remedy for this


Clinton County Pennsylvania about 5 years ago

Tetraploid Rye

Hello. I have a property in Clinton county with a 3 acre food plot. I would like to try a Tetraploid rye in half of it. I will probably not be able to plant before May 1. Will the rye develop well planting this late? Should I use an herbicide prior to tilling? Should I apply Nitrogen prior to tilling? Thank You, Pat Walsh


Clinton County Pennsylvania over 6 years ago

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