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Tomato Problem

My "Big Boy"tomato plant in the last 2 weeks have developed brownish spots on the stems. All of the stems are effected. Some have more spots than the others. The green tomatoes are now starting to develop brown spots. None of these have started to ripen. It has also started a little on my "Fourth of July" tomato plants. The red tomato on the "Fourth of July seem to be OK. Is this a blight?


Clearfield County Pennsylvania over 6 years ago

Azalea Crystalized Blobs

Evergreen Azalea plant with a gooey crystalized blos


Clearfield County Pennsylvania almost 7 years ago

valuation of OGM and timber rights

I am an attorney representing the estate of a gentleman who owned real estate with his brother in Clearfield County. We need to get the real estate appraised for estate tax purposes, but the appraisers I have talked to are not able to give us a value of the timber and gas rights. ( there are a few wells and a small timber harvest each year). Does anyone know who could conduct an appraisal which includes this value, or should I approach the client's accountant to get this?? Thank you


Clearfield County Pennsylvania about 7 years ago

Magnolia tree lossing leaves in DuBois

Good morning, I received a Jane Magnolia tree for mother's day. I am attaching a picture of what is happening to the leaves. It was doing well and had new buds, however it has been losing leaves and looks like it may have some sort of fungus or mold. I had purchased horticultural oil as I read online that would help. It did for a while however it seems to be getting worse. Any suggestion on how to help my tree would be appreciated. Thank you Doreen DeSantis



Clearfield County Pennsylvania over 5 years ago

Peach tree buds are dead

My peach trees are not going to blossom this Spring , the buds are dead. What are the possible causes. I'm located in Clearfield PA. Clearfield county


Clearfield County Pennsylvania almost 7 years ago

Private Grazing Fees

How can I calculate Private Grazing fees for irrigated pasture? Is there a specific monetary amount I can use per acre or per animal unit?


Clearfield County Pennsylvania almost 5 years ago

Concord grapes

Can you buy concord grapes in central Pa this time of year and where?


Clearfield County Pennsylvania 5 months ago


what is this ? these are about 1.5 to 2" long looks to have really nice stinger , but seem non aggressive . just sitting on the side of a tree . any ideas what they are ? really don`t want the grandkids or anything else around them in case they do become aggressive


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Clearfield County Pennsylvania over 1 year ago

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