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gardening seminar?

A few years ago we went to a wonderful gardening workshops hosted by Clarion Extension office. Do you still do those? If so, would you provide contact information? Thank you


Clarion County Pennsylvania almost 7 years ago

Apple identification

Hello: I recently purchased a home in Clarion County, and we have 2 apple trees that I believe are McIntosh or a variant of McIntosh such as Empire or Macoun, but would like an definite answer, if possible. The house was built in 1952, and I believe the two trees were planted some shortly after. I have attached pictures of the apples and also the trees. Thank you.


Tree_1_300x300%2523 Tree_2_300x300%2523 Two_apples_300x300%2523

Clarion County Pennsylvania over 5 years ago

What kinda of tree is this flower from

Hi was wondering during what kinda tree that grows this flower is called


Sam_0403_300x300%2523 Sam_0401_300x300%2523

Clarion County Pennsylvania over 4 years ago

Fertilizer analysis for Winter Wheat

I am looking suggestion to increase the weight of my Winter Wheat crop


Clarion County Pennsylvania over 4 years ago

Small black bugs

Could you identify this small black bug that's in our house?



Clarion County Pennsylvania 11 months ago

Lilacs in North Eastern Pennsylvania.

I live in Clarion County, Pennsylvania and it is December. But my lilacs are budding. Why? And what should I do?


Clarion County Pennsylvania about 5 years ago

Butterfly Milkweed

Trying to locate a local source for milkweed seeds and/or plants to grow so I can attract butterflies. Is milkweed an invasive weed and can I buy plants or seeds locally?


Clarion County Pennsylvania almost 8 years ago

White bull calf

Hello, I'm not sure who I would contact, I would greatly appreciate it if this message could be forwarded to the correct group. I have a bull calf that is sired by a low line angus bull and a Hereford momma, my question is because he is all white. I can include pictures in a response email, but I am curious how common this is or if anyone has seen this before? Thank you for your time


Clarion County Pennsylvania over 4 years ago

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