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soil testing

Good morning. I am buying a farm in West Brandywine Township. It has never been a horse farm, but I will be using it for my horses. I would like to have the soil tested, and then I would like advice on how to adjust the soil/fertilize, using natural methods, to best grow forage for grazing my horses. Thank you. Beth

Chester County PA almost 8 years ago

Shriveling blueberries

My blue berry Bush looks healthy and has lots of unripened blueberries that look like they will develope into nice ripened berries, however when they do they shrivel and dry up and fall off at the slightest touch. I looked at the leaves and other than a few brown spots here and there they look healthy.

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Chester County PA 8 months ago

Boxwoods dropping leaves on one side?

We’ve had these planted for about 5 years and all of a sudden in the past few weeks they’re losing all their leaves on only one side?? Pics are: fronts, close up of leaves dropped, close up of the back side of the worst of the three bushes.

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Chester County PA over 1 year ago

Cherry blossom tree losing leaves

One of our large cherry blossom tree is losing its leaves.

Chester County PA over 4 years ago

Cherry blossom tree losing leaves

One of our cherry blossom tree is losing its leaves, the bark may be a little bit darker in the areas where the bark splits.

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Chester County PA over 4 years ago

bamboo management

when and how to remove this time of the year

Chester County PA over 6 years ago

Miniature Horse - Grooming & Showmanship

Our 4-H club is new to showing miniature horses. For grooming and showmanship, what is expected for the horse's mane for western and English? Should it be braided or banded or just left long and free?


Chester County PA about 8 years ago

Getting rid of Zoysia grass

We have Zoysia grass spreading in our West Chester backyard. Several years ago we had it all dug up and new sod put down, but it has returned and we didn't notice it in time to mitigate, and now is has spread over good part of our backyard and we are concerned with it spreading to the neighbors' yards.

I have researched getting rid of Zoysia on the website, reading many labor intensive suggestions. Can you advise the best (and maybe least expensive) way to get rid of it and stop the spread?


Chester County PA 4 months ago

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