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Ambrosia Beetle Control

I belong to an organization (ACCF) that is trying to restore the American Chest tree by growing pure bred blight resistant Americian Chestnut trees. Every May for about the last 6 years I get an attack on smaller trees from the Amboisia Beetle and about half die. The ACCF 1st recomemded spraying with Permithrin. It didn't work well. I had mixed Permithrin with an "oil spray" and thought that I had a little success.

Do you know of anything that can successfully control the Ambrosia Beetle.

Thanks, Andy Rhody Cambria County.


Cambria County PA insect issues horticulture over 5 years ago

Tree problems

My neighbors tree has had this problem for a few years. Now I'm seeing this on my trees. Can you tell me what it is and how to treat it? I have a few more issues I'll be sending pics and questions.


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Cambria County PA over 2 years ago

Bugs on Milkweed !!

Hi - these disgusting bugs are all over the milkweed I planted for the butterflies! I don't know what to do? Are these invasive and harmful ? what should I do if anything this late in the season? I don't want to harm other organisms. Thank you


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Cambria County PA over 3 years ago

Mint removal

A neighbor was kind enough to share a piece of her mint or spearmint plant which I planted in my garden. Well, it really liked where I placed it and it is huge. I cut it back and that made it worse. It is growing out my paver wall on the low side of my garden. I want to get rid of it! I dug very deep and the roots are amazing. Should I keep very carefully and gently pulling out the roots? Would cutting them out just encourage then to spread? Is there something I could put in the soil to discourage them? I don't want to hurt other plants to grow in my garden next year. Barbara Mazza 814 410-6121 Elton, PA


Cambria County PA about 3 years ago


Hi im Michael A. Sowalla with Windy Hills Dairy Farm in Cherry Tree PA, I am doing a farm buisness plan for FSA for 75 Holsteins. I need someone to confirm with me for the production and Income From the Dairy. (75 cows x 60 pounds per cow per day = 4,500 pounds per day x 365 day lactation = 1,642,500 pounds per year , 1,642,500 pounds / 100 pound units per year = 16,425 units per year , 16,425 units x $18.00 per hunderd weight = $295,650 income from dairy per year, ) FSA has been using Kansas State for my dairy Projections and each time they put it at 30 pounds or lower per cow per day and if i had a cow that was making 30lbs per day it wouldnt be at the farm.


Cambria County PA over 2 years ago

Dying pine tree

The bottom branches of a huge pine tree is dying off, looking for help in diagnosing problem. Maybe you can suggest a remedy or recommend someone reputable to come look at it. The last couple years I dumped lawn clippings and leaves, is it possible that is causing the problem???Thanks


Cambria County PA trees and shrubs evergreens horticulture over 5 years ago

What is this plant?

What is this plant? I've asked about this plant two days ago with no reply.



Cambria County PA horticulture over 3 years ago

Blueberry Propagation

Can you tell me how to propagate blueberry bushes from existing bushes in my yard? Or do you have any written information or a web link with this information.


Cambria County PA blueberry production master gardener over 5 years ago

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