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Malt barley straw for sale

Look for the best place to sale malt barley straw. We have 15 acres about ready to bale. Grain is sold need a out let for the straw. We understand the right person my be look for it for ponds.

Butler County Pennsylvania about 3 years ago

Large Pin Oak Health Question

I have a large Northern Pin Oak in my yard that was a large healthy tree when we built the house 28 years ago and has recently (the past 3-5 years at most) been losing some large branches and the foliage seems to be 60-70% of what it used to be. The tree is situated in a small gully that features a small natural spring. For as long as I've lived here the tree seems to have been quite healthy and only recently displayed this problem. There were also several larger black cherry trees that have in the past 5-10 years slowly died out and the remaining specimens seem to be in declining health. I'm not sure if this is a problem with too much moisture given the spring but I wouldn't think this because all of the trees seemed to have established well and grew to large mature sizes with the spring there obviously. I hope at this point something can still be done as I beleive the tree is probably close if not more than a 100 yrs old and would be shame if it dies. If any information or insight can be given, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance!!


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Butler County Pennsylvania 10 days ago

What is this and how can I kill it?

This plant is taking over my flower garden. I pull and pull and can't get rid of it. I'm so desperate to kill it. Please help!!!! Thanks for your help, Marylee Ayers



Butler County Pennsylvania about 7 years ago


Asked the local extension for the best time to apply crabgrass prereemergence. Was told that now (on or about March 25 when I called) would be a good time. Received Crabgrass Special Circular 150 a few days later and read that May 10 to May 20 would be the best time for our area - Other PA areas. So which is it for southern Butler County?


Butler County Pennsylvania over 3 years ago

strange fruit

I have a tree on a friends property that has leaves like a dogwood, tree shape and bark like an oak and the fruit looks like a deformed apple with tons of little seeds inside each cluster.


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Butler County Pennsylvania 11 months ago

Green wood ash

Alright, so i burned some wood in my firepit this evening and the remaining ashes were green instead of black/white/gray. Ive never witnessed this phenomenon over the 22 years ive burned wood. Can anyone educate me on the possibilities? I have pictures that can aid. The first is untouched. Second, unlike normal ash, it was compressible as well as moldable and looked as if it was not burnt. Again, unlike normal ash that just disintegrates when smeared.
Email: brettamiller1017@gmail


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Butler County Pennsylvania almost 3 years ago

Bee Queen

Several weeks ago I started in bee keeping.I have two hives and purchased two bee colonies from Georgia. The bees seem healthy and active. A friend who has bees said he thinks the one hive has no queen.My question is should I purchase a new queen or will the hive create a new queen. If a new queen is created how long will it take?


Butler County Pennsylvania about 3 years ago

chicken eggs

We have 3 chickens. They are now laying eggs. We are not sure how often we should check for eggs and whether the frequency should change in the summer months. How should we clean the eggs? Can we use a spray bottle with a solution? If we don't see any dirt on the eggs, do we have to clean them?


Butler County Pennsylvania about 7 years ago

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