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Corn gluten meal

When should I spread corn gluten meal on my lawn?

Bucks County PA over 2 years ago



Bucks County PA over 3 years ago

Looks like a bee but stings multiple times..HELP!

Hello! I really need some help here. A few weeks ago I was sitting watching my chickens and what I thought was a bee landed on my face. I stayed still but it stung me anyway! I obviously moved away quickly and it followed me stinging me again on my face and arm before I finally killed it. Knowing that wasps, not bees, sting repeatedly I was convinced it was just a wasp not the ground "bees" by my chickens coop. Well a few days later another came at me and looked just like these ground "bees". So I dumped bleach down the holes I knew of, and felt guilty. I few days later I saw a couple trying to get in the old holes to the hive but had no problems.
Today one went after my dog!!! She got stung several times before I got it focused on me...and finally killed it. I'm really confused and don't know what to do. They can mess with me but not my furry kids! I know how important bees are and love them...whatever these are, they have to go. Any advice would be greatly appreciateThank you!

Bucks County PA insect issues bees entomology insect identification over 4 years ago

Is this a ground cherry "Goldie"?

I thought I was growing a ground cherry "Goldie"? Can anyone identify. (Note: there is a spaghetti squash in the background, please ignore.). This plant is about 7 to 8 feet tall.


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Bucks County PA horticulture plant identification over 3 years ago

Sick bloodgood maple tree

We have a bloodgood maple tree and it doesn't look good. We saw a lot of ants on it, and the leaves seem discolored and limp. Any suggestions, please??


Bucks County PA trees and shrubs japanese maple bloodgood maple ants on maple ants over 3 years ago

What is this early blooming blue flowered bulb based perennial?

Hello, and thank you in advance for helping amateur botanists and other plant enthusiasts out. I have this pretty blue flowered perennial (it's bloomed at least three years straight ) and it always beats the crocuses and daffodils to bloom. It seems to be bulb based, I am curious as to what it is so I can get it to fractal some more bulbs instead of having just one concentrated plant. I live in Quakertown, Upper Bucks County, PA, 18951. I think we are zone 6 b.


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Bucks County PA plant identification spring bulbs horticulture over 3 years ago


Two years ago I bought, what I thought was, a raspberry plant but now I don't think it looks like a raspberry leaf. I am worried that I bought something that may not be edible - any ideas?



Bucks County PA over 2 years ago

Garden pest infestation (foto included)

Hello - I'm having a persistent infestation of these insects. They were on a backyard boxwood, and I got them off with a product called Eight. Then they appeared on some Black-eyed Susans, which I pulled. Now they're on the clematis. What do you recommend? Elizabeth



Bucks County PA over 3 years ago

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