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Tainted water

I found a dead deer in my spring house n have been watering my garden for months with it,, is it safe to consume the veggies??


Bradford County Pennsylvania 7 months ago

Nitidulid beetles on Pin Oak

Hello, I discovered some Nitidulid beetles on a 15 year old pin-oak this evening. I want to prevent the pin oak from becoming infected with Oak Wilt. There are many young Oak trees in the area that I am using for landscaping purposes, and I want to tackle this quickly as it seems that the borers have done little damage to the Pin Oak yet.

There are some open wounds from pruning over the previous winter that may be attracting the borers. I understand that there are few options to fight the borer, but I am planing on painting the base of the tree in a white-latex paint to reduce insect damage. Do you have any tips or recommendations?


Bradford County Pennsylvania over 2 years ago

Bird Mites problem

I have bird mites in my house which have come from a Phoebe nest on my porch from which the chicks have just fledged and left. I’ve done some online research and have removed all nest materials and am following the other suggestions, and believe that the mites will die in about 3 weeks without a bird host. However, my question is: if I go to visit someone will I take the mites with me and is there a danger of them infesting my friends house? Any information you can give me would be SO APPRECIATED!


Bradford County Pennsylvania over 4 years ago

Animals are dead in my yard

I need to test my yard for chemicals, how do I do that? In the last few years they build a Walmart across the street, BBQ next door and a Lowe's behind me. I live in a township and have a half acre of land. It started this year. All the wildlife gone. I have found dead rabbits and birds in my yard. I have walnuts trees in my back yard, all squirrels are gone. Two weeks ago my little 7 year old dog dropped over. I believe it's a chemical they are using. Please help, I am heartbroken. Thank you


Bradford County Pennsylvania over 1 year ago

Milk house drain

Where do we have to run our drain for milk house? We are constructing a new milk house and it needs drain.


Bradford County Pennsylvania over 4 years ago


Hi i have a rock and it has spots of "gold" but i cant figure out if it is real gold or pyrite my science teacher thinks it is gold but i want an expert to look and tell me. I live in troy pennsylvanis and was wondering if you could tell me where to take the rock to find out if its gold on not. Please email me your answer at or answer on this site


Bradford County Pennsylvania almost 6 years ago

Trees are dying

These trees have been in back a few years without problems, but this Spring, it seems 2 of them did not survive the winter. (possibly 3 trees) Even the trees that are green are redish-brown underneath and/or specs of brown through out. Can they be saved?


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Bradford County Pennsylvania over 1 year ago

Was wondering what type of bug

Found this bug in Sayre,Pa Anand was wondering what it is. It was on my tree.



Bradford County Pennsylvania over 3 years ago

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