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White Caterpillars

Attached picture of white caterpillars that are everywhere around my house. What Non toxic solution can I use to eliminate these? What is their correct name?


Blair County PA over 5 years ago

starting a new garden

I want to start a garden at my new home in Altoona. There are lots of creeping weeds in my poor lawn, on which I have used spray herbicides last year. Lots of spring runoff from the neighborhood, and it gets very dry in August. How should I prepare the soil for raised bed gardening for tomatoes, brambles, and strawberries? I start my tomatoes and will purchase the others. How can I get a soil test? Where can I download or purchase PSU extension literature?


Blair County PA almost 6 years ago

Catalpa tree

Do catalpa trees go through years of dormancy? We have two catalpa trees on our property. We almost cut the one down because it appeared dead for two summers. It had very few leaves and didn't produce many flowers or seed pods. We are glad we didn't cut it down because it is now thriving. For the last three years(at least), our showpiece catalpa (huge and old and beautiful) has produced few leaves, flowers etc. and appears mostly dead. It shows ganache from numerous lightning strikes. We are hesitant to cut it down if it too is dormant or something like that and will come back. Our worry is if it is truly dead, that if it falls, whatever way it goes will be bad - potentially crushing our chickens, our cars, or our house. Any help you can provide would be appreciated.


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Blair County PA over 3 years ago

Abandoned eggs in Robins nest

A robin built her nest in a planter near the front of my house by the door.She apparently didn’t realize how busy it would be there. I haven’t seen her in days and she hasn’t been on her eggs. Can I take those 2 eggs and put them in another Robins nest near my shed?


Blair County PA 10 months ago

replacing black walnut trees

I have several black walnut trees. I want to replace 5. When these are cut down what has to be done to the soil to put in trees? Is it true maple trees will live as a replacement? If not what trees are appropriate?


Blair County PA almost 4 years ago

What bug is this

I took these photographs on 8 June 2013. I am pretty sure they (the bugs) are some type of beetle. Can you tell me exactly what type of bug this is? What is it called.


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Blair County PA over 7 years ago

servsafe class

where do you sign up for the ServSafe class for recertification in Ebensburg and is a certificate from an online class acceptable in Pa.


Blair County PA almost 6 years ago

Garden placement

I have a sand mound and I wanted to start some kind of garden close to it whether it be a veggie sweet corn n even maybe strawberries. The area was overgrown with some kind of fast growing trees n green briars and thorn trees. The soil seems very well drained n suitable for a 2nd garden and it has very good sunlight. My 1st garden is full thus the reason for a 2nd


Blair County PA almost 5 years ago

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