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What can I do to save my arborvitaes? The bottoms look like they're dying. (dead branches) I have 50 for a privacy fence. They are 20 feet tall.

Berks County PA almost 6 years ago


Are those types of snakes in pa ?? Im really concerned on wat kind of snake this was in my house

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Berks County PA almost 3 years ago

moldy birdfood

How and where do I dispose of moldy bird food?

Berks County PA 2 months ago

Bees on a Balcony

Since Easter, Bees are nesting "inside" of two chairs on our apartment balcony. There are two holes that access the arm rests and that's where they are congregating. We've tried spraying diluted vinegar and hanging dryer sheets over the holes. Not working. We obviously want to discourage, not kill. Help, please.


Berks County PA bees over 2 years ago

What animal is destroying my beads (bush and pole)

My pole beans and bush beans were setting fruit in my small fenced garden. Something came along and made a clean cut about 1 to 2 inches above the soil and left the plant to shrivel and die. The pole beans that were wrapped around the legs of the ladder they were growing on were not destroyed. What is doing this? How can I prevent it from happening this year? Thanks


Berks County PA over 4 years ago

Lantern fly removal

Is Penn State Extension doing any kind of spray eradication of the lantern fly? They just invaded my property!
Terri Moore


Berks County PA over 1 year ago

Is Zucchini safe to eat?

I have 4 Zucchini plants that have been doing very well until recently. An animal (possibly a groundhog or mole) has pulled on plant out of the soil & it doesn't look like I am going to be able to salvage it. I have had to remove 5 Zucchini from all the plants that have bite & claw marks. Is it safe to use these since I have no idea if the animal is diseased?


Berks County PA food safety food safety on the farm over 5 years ago

flowers wilted

I was wondering why my tomato and pepper plants had a few fruits then the flowers wilted and died. Is there something going on in our area, we ilive in Oley

we did use some epsom salt walt on plant

that is the only difference we did this year


Berks County PA horticulture over 2 years ago

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