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pest management

Please help. Our residence is infested with millipedes. Every evening they climb up our house, are all over our sidewalks, and in the morning there are millions of dead ones all over the place. This happened last year and we had a professional spray our lawn, but we do live in the woods and I'm afraid that we cannot keep up with these stinking worms. Our driveway is 800 feet long and they are that far away. We have talked to other people and they have them, too, just not as bad. We live at 1844 mountain road, Osterburg PA 16667). We have pets, so we don't want to hurt them by treating our yard. We are spraying a perimeter of 12 inches out away from our foundation but would it be better to go our much farther and spray a barrier so at least they will die in the yard instead of right where we walk. Thanks so much for your help and feel free to come and see our madness! Sue Kane 814-285-1587


Bedford County Pennsylvania over 7 years ago

Unusual early little black bug.

This spring, these little black bugs were out very early. They seem to collect on the leeward side of impressions in the snow, as shown in the pic. Wondering what they are.



Bedford County Pennsylvania almost 2 years ago

Freeze drying food companies?

Good afternoon, My name is James Gerraughty, and I am the Southern Alleghenies PLanning & Development Commission PTAC Program Manager. I have a client in Everett, PA who deals with vacuum pumps and, through a discussion on an unrelated contract, asked me about freeze drying foods. My question to the PSU Agricultural Extension is: Do you know of any companies that freeze-dry foods, such as fruits, vegetables,and meats? Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, James Gerraughty


Bedford County Pennsylvania over 6 years ago

Meat csa

We currently sell freezer beef but want to grow and were thinking that a CSA may be the way to go but are having trouble finding much inco about them. We would appreciate any guidance you have to offer. Thank you


Bedford County Pennsylvania about 4 years ago

Identify a huge leaf

We are trying to identify a leaf. There is a whole bed of them growing in a gentleman's yard near Breezewood PA and he wants to know what they are also. They really look tropical but yet they reappear each year in our county. Some of the leaves are as large as 4 feet across and they grow on tall stems like rhubarb. They are shaped circular across the front and sides and then scoop back on each side toward the stem. They are a plain darker green color and are not shiny - there is some texture to the leaves somewhat like burdock but not as much texture. The reverse side is very light grayish and somewhat fuzzy. I have pictures on my cell phone that I can send to you if I have an email address. I would very much appreciate your help.


Bedford County Pennsylvania over 6 years ago

Plant identification

I would like to know the name of this plant, please. It grows as a shrub in moist ground area. It gets little berries on it. Thank you.



Bedford County Pennsylvania over 4 years ago

stumpage value

Hello, I have a plot that the local timber firm wants to timber. How do I access the value of the timber? Thank you, Ray


Bedford County Pennsylvania over 6 years ago

Pumpkin Patch Weed Control

I have disced up the area where I would like to plant pumpkins and sunflowers. I was wondering if there is a herbicide which I could use to control weeds and not damage the plants.


Bedford County Pennsylvania almost 7 years ago

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