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Brussel sprouts

Can I pick the larger sprouts at the bottom of the plant and let the little ones continue to grow or do I have to wait till they all grow to an inch or more and cut the whole plant down...I don't want to kill the plant it. Another question, my first year asparagus is 5 ft.high, when can I transplant it to another spot.

Beaver County Pennsylvania about 4 years ago

birch trees

the trees leaves are yellow and falling off

Beaver County Pennsylvania over 6 years ago

Caterpillar infested grey Dogwood bush

I too had my grey dogwood bush infested with white caterpillars my son removed them and burned them in the firepit.My dogwood is nearly bare.Will these come back next year or kill my bush.I planted this in 2010 When my 17 yr old dog passed away.I would be sad if this bush dies.


Beaver County Pennsylvania over 3 years ago

What is the plant?

This little plant popped up in my garden today. Do you know what it is ? Seems to have some buds but hasn't bloomed yet. It is about 7 inches high.



Beaver County Pennsylvania about 1 year ago

Hardy Kiwi

I have nearly 50 hardy kiwi vines and would like to get in touch with other PA growers. I received a note in May from the maser gardener in Beaver county but no answers. Does the state level have anybody coordinating Hardy Kiwi. I am willing to be a research site.


Beaver County Pennsylvania over 3 years ago

Cucumber vine collaspe

I had 2 cucumber plants collapse last night and have had to pull a number of curbits already. I had tied these up last night and they were fine. This morning the leaves are all wilted and I suppose I'll have to pull them soon. They have no yellow or brown spots on the leaves and it looks like it started at the bottom but since the entire plant is wilted it is hard to tell. I dusted them last week with Permethrin even though I try not to use chemicals. I have had a lot of Japanese Beetles but have also seen cucumber Beetles and squash bugs in the garden. I had tomatoes and peppers in this bed last year. What more can I do to reduce my losses and do you think it is bacterial wilt?


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Beaver County Pennsylvania over 4 years ago

corn yield

how many bushels of feed corn per acre is the average yield in western pa


Beaver County Pennsylvania over 6 years ago

Has anyone used air layering on a Paperbark Maple?

I bought a Paperbark Maple several years ago...I did not realize until recently that it is a rather rare and prized tree in part because it is a difficult tree to propagate. I basically planted in a raised box planter full of clay, shale soil... not good quality is an understatement. I have never watered it and it gets full is now about 12-14 feet tall and 6-7 feet wide. I read seeds are almost always infertile so how do I get more? Will it die if it outgrows its "box".


Beaver County Pennsylvania over 6 years ago

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