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Planting a small family corn plot

I plant about 8,000ft2 of seeet corn for the family garden. Half will be early corn and half late corn. I cultivate the whole plot with my tractor and plant half with early corn and half with late maturing corn. The ground is perfect and I plant the corn by hand the day I cultivate the ground. The problem I have is as the corn germinates so does the weeds. It's a constant battle all summer and I feel we damage the young corn when we try controlling the weeds by hand. There has to be a better way. Is there a weed killer I can use that will be safe to use on the corn? I heard if roundup ready corn cant buy a few pounds without a license??? Do you have a pamphlet or directions on how to plant a small weed free family plot if corn?

Armstrong County Pennsylvania almost 4 years ago


What kind of wasp is this? Black and orange. Never saw anything like this.


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Armstrong County Pennsylvania over 3 years ago

Italian Oregano

A friend of ours gave us some Italian Oregano which had needles instead of the normal leaves. It looked like a rosemary plant. Had some leaves but mostly needles. We grew it for one year and it was supposed to come back but it never came back. The plants were about 8 to 12 inches high. It had some leaves but mostly needles. It was Italian oregano that came from Italy. If you squeezed the needles with your fingers, you could smell the oregano. If any body in your department would know the specific name of this oregano with needles we would appreciate your help on where we could purchase it. Thank you. Richard Crofutt email at


Armstrong County Pennsylvania almost 4 years ago

Red Leaves on Herbs

My Moldavian Balm, Lemon Balm, Lemon Catnip, Oregano, and cilantro are turned red on their leaves starting with the backs, my basil is also starting to look bad with browning silky feeling leaves. They are all outside in full sun in a bed.I planted these all a few weeks ago


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Armstrong County Pennsylvania almost 3 years ago

century plant puncture´╗┐

what is the best antibiotic for a century plant puncture
I ran into a century plant leaf point with my knee and now its sore and I can't put it on the ground to neal down this happened in Florida


Armstrong County Pennsylvania almost 3 years ago

Lightning damage

Good morning. I have a very large pine tree in my back yard that was recently struck by lightning. The bark was damaged. There is a section about 10 feet by 8 inches that has lost the bark. Other tan that the tree is in tact. Will this damage kill the tree or is there any thinig we can do to prevent further damage or to save the tree? Please let me know by email or call 724-968-8716, thanks!


Armstrong County Pennsylvania over 5 years ago

The entire row is dying

Why is entire row dying? What can be done? I'm on Allegheny River Armstrong county Pennsylvania



Armstrong County Pennsylvania over 1 year ago

Tree identificatio

What type of plant is this?



Armstrong County Pennsylvania almost 3 years ago

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