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What is the approximate financial damage caused by the japanese beetle in...

What is the approximate financial damage caused by the japanese beetle in pennsylvania?

Allegheny County PA about 2 years ago

Dark areas on green tomatoes

We have a food bank garden in Monroeville, PA and have had successful years with tomatoes and other vegetables. But this year there are dark areas appearing on the unripe tomatoes that don't look like early blight or sun scald. There are dark areas on the skin that can be one small spot or sometimes covers 1/3 of the green tomatoes. We have no idea why this is happening or how to treat it. It isn't a soft area and appears usually somewhere near where the stem holds the tomato. But can be on other areas. Since the transplants were donated, we don't know their varieties. The only differences this year is that we got the transplants from a different source and also the compost was bought from a different nursery. Another possible contributing factor is much much more rain this spring and summer. But we were hoping for help from your community.

Allegheny County PA over 7 years ago


Based on the response I received, I decided to try the organic method first. So, I have ordered 4 bags of Arm & Hammer baking soda for a total of 54 lbs. After the baking soda is sprinkled on the moss, does it need to be watered? If so, can it be mixed in water and sprayed? Do you need to wait for a couple of weeks to reseed, whether you use a commercial product or baking soda?

Allegheny County PA over 5 years ago

I am going to make some self watering buckets per your suggestion using a...

I am going to make some self watering buckets per your suggestion using a bucket with 3 2 and one half inch pieces of 4 inch perforated dain pipe to hold the seperator. What arae your experiences with the roots of the plants going through the 5/16th hold to the water resovoir. Thank you Rich

Allegheny County PA almost 7 years ago

grifola frondosa (Maitake) mushrooms

Hi, My last natural spot for sheepshead mushrooms was just wiped out . I have just ordered both Maitake plugs and a grow kit online. I have a 10'x10' crawl space and a large shaded portion of space under my deck. I also have numerous places on my property with some oak stumps and deadwood.I have gardened indoors, greenhouse and outdoors, but never mushrooms. I am looking for any info for both indoor( supplemental lighting, misters etc) and outdoor(stumps, buried deadwood etc.) Thanks Much Ken Mosi

Allegheny County PA over 7 years ago

Iris Borers

Just discovered that my iris are infested with borers; they did not bloom well despite lots of buds this spring, and now they have "worms" on the roots, appear to be water-soaked, etc. Can I remove all the plants, treat the soil soon, and still plant new rhizomes before fall? Or what do you suggest? Thank you!~

Allegheny County PA over 4 years ago

Fizzy orange juice

My orange juice, stored in a glass bottle with screw-on top, is only a week old, but it has turned fizzy and tastes funny. Is it still okay to drink?

Allegheny County PA about 7 years ago

Tree dying

Our tree has little red leaves and grow pink flowers similar to cherry blossoms. It has started to die and we noticed black bubble like things 'growing' on it those branches were dying. We cut those branches off but now every branch has it. I love this little tree but I worry now it's to late and it needs cut down.


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Allegheny County PA over 3 years ago

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