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I have some sort home.

Can someone help me identify it?


Adams County PA over 3 years ago

Spruce trees are all dying

Our property has 15 spruce trees each over 50 years old. They are all dying at the buds. We are desparate to find the cause if anyone can assist. I have photos and can describe what I have found. The bud tips seem to have a fungis (white film). The neeedles turn a brown and drop. The stems are greyish and brittle. The 8-10 inch trucks dont appear to have infestation under the bark but the bark is dry and flaking.


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Adams County PA 10 months ago

What kind of spider is this?

Earlier this evening we got into our SUV and my fiancé about had a fit when he saw this spider close to coming in our car. Thankfully it wasn't on my side. I've been trying to find a picture of a similar spider with no luck.



Adams County PA almost 4 years ago

Moringa tree

Is there any research going on at PSU on the Moringa Oleifera or Moringa Stenopetala? I know it is a tropical tree but can it be grown in tunnels? Anthony Di Puppo PSU '64


Adams County PA almost 7 years ago

recommend PA nurseries!

I'm looking through your PSU Fruit Production Guide recommended sources of plants and except for Boyers & Adams County Nurseries, I'm not finding any listed in PA! All the work Penn State Ag does for PA ag and you can't recommend any sources in our own state??? Shame on you! Oh, "there might be others but they didn't send us a catalog" you say - how lame! Be proactive - find the PA sources of plants and promote them to us! You should be pushing local, local, local, our own state! If we don't have nurseries of a caliber you can recommend, why aren't you helping to strengthen our nurseries? Or do you have lists of PA nurseries and just not updating your guides? Thank you!


Adams County PA about 7 years ago

barn building

We have all of your horse pamphlets and see that we are in need of an expert. We live in Adams County. Can you recommend someone who follows your guidelines that can come to our farm to assess its barn and pasture. And if possible give us a recommendation on a barn builder?


Adams County PA about 5 years ago

How to dispose of termite infested treated (probably CCA) lumber

Recently bought the house, now have termite swarms coming from landscaping timbers that have been in place for years. I am assuming this is CCA treated lumber. Given the dual issues of infestation and disposal of treated lumber, what is a suitable option? Thanks, Jim


Adams County PA almost 5 years ago

Oak tree leaves

We just noticed that some of the leaves on an oak tree are turning brown and have spots on them. We had spider mites on nearby evergreens which I sprayed last month and the needles are coming back. Are the spot on the oak leaves cause by insects or the amount of rain we've had lately?



Adams County PA about 7 years ago

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