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Soup made with hot water bath, no acid added...

Tomato soup was made using the hot water bath, but we failed to look at other recipes which would show to add citric acid/ lemon juice etc....we have refrigerated the soup....can it be in the frig for a while and not hurt us when we eat it or gave some to friends?? Thank much Sally R

Yamhill County OR home food preservation food safety 2 months ago

Apple tree

Need help with the fruit on our Apple tree.


Yamhill County OR over 3 years ago

Encouraging Grass and Fern Growth in a Wooded Area

I have been clearing a 4-acre woodlot (mostly Douglas fir) of brush and trimming trees. As the area opens up there are some grass and ferns growing but how can encourage more to grow?


Yamhill County OR native plants about 1 year ago

arborvitae replacement

Our arborvitae privacy hedge is 40 years old and starting to show age. What columnar style ever green is recommended as replacement.


Yamhill County OR trees and shrubs about 3 years ago

How can I tell when a hen is not laying anymore?

What is the best way to tell whether a hen is not laying anymore? During early summer, I tried culling hens with brighter yellow legs, and I left the ones with white legs. But my egg production went way down. The "fingers between the pelvic bones" method yielded mixed results, and all the hens seemed to be about the same. Our poultry butcher said to wear a latex glove and insert a finger into the vent. If only one finger fits, the hen is not laying eggs. If two fingers fit, the hen is laying eggs. We have heritage hens, and there are some that are still laying well at 4 years, so I do not want to do a blanket slaughter of all hens of a certain age rather than checking individually. If some of the older hens are laying well, I want those genetics in my flock to pass on to the chicks. Thank you! We have Delaware chickens.


Yamhill County OR poultry about 7 years ago

Blooming weeds

What is the name and method of eradicating the round leafed yellow blossom weed that is blooming profusely in Yamhill County right now?


Yamhill County OR almost 3 years ago

Flowering crabapple

Each year when our flowering crabapple tree has put on new foliage and just begins to bloom, most of the leaves and flowers wither and fall off. The tree looks completely dead for quite awhile and then puts on new leaves again. What can we do to prevent this from occurring?


Yamhill County OR fruit trees horticulture almost 5 years ago

What are these larvae going to turn into?

I found these larvae alive in a douglas fir log that had been felled in the area of north east Hillsboro and had been on the ground for around 2 years. I would like to use this as an interior post and I want to know what I should do to eradicate these bugs so that they don't emerge inside the house after it is installed. I have included a couple pictures of the larvae which ranged in length from 3/16" up to almost 3/4".



Yamhill County OR insect issues insect management almost 6 years ago

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