Wheeler County, Oregon

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Grinding mushroom for rose fertilizer...good idea?

I put Morel mushrooms which were beyond eating, in blender with coffee grounds and fill to top with water. I poured on roses. Good idea? Seemed like would be nutritious.


Wheeler County Oregon about 1 year ago

Wild currant?

Saw these berries in christmas valley oregon and was wondering if they could be wild currants? Just wondering thought it wouldnt hurt to ask.



Wheeler County Oregon almost 3 years ago

grazing rates

What is the average cost per AUM for mountain meadow grazing in Wheeler County? The land in question is privately owned and is completely fenced into many pastures. Also, what is the range in prices for other types of grazing?


Wheeler County Oregon almost 4 years ago

kinzua hills golf course irrigation

I am a member of the Kinzua Hills golf course outside of Fossil we have irrigation rights out of Hoover creek that we use until the creek runs dry around august. then we go to a well on site. we have 2 10k gallon metal storage tanks and 1 10k gallon plastic tank. my question is can we fill those tanks early in the year and store the water for irrigation use during the droughty months of August and September. will the water quality be stable enough to safely use it on the greens and fairways.


Wheeler County Oregon about 5 years ago

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