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Canning salsa

I only use USDA tested recipes. I want to know if I can use commercially canned tomatoes in salsa recipes? I am almost out of garden tomatoes but want to can a little more salsa.

Washington County Oregon 5 months ago

how to get rid of yellowjackets without insecticides

Hi! You published in this week's Oregonian Homes and Gardens section that there is no good way to get rid of yellowjackets without pesticides- we found a way! I hope you can tell people about this idea, because it has worked very well for us and is a LOT cheaper than hiring someone to come spray toxins. You go out at night when the nest isn't active, and hang a spiral of fly paper directly above the nest entrance. When the yellowjackets come out in the morning, one or two will fly into the fly paper and get stuck. They emit alarm pheromones, which attract more yellow jackets to attack whatever might be threatening the nest. These new yellowjackets get stuck, send out more pheromones, and within a few days, most of the workers are stuck! This worked well for us with ground-nesting yellowjackets in our yard. -Christine Armer, Hillsboro

Washington County Oregon over 1 year ago

squirrels in the attic

I live in an up stairs apartment with an attic in Lake Oswego. Squirrels are in the attic gnawing on the wood. I told the owner and they sent out a pest control company that caught four large squirrels in their traps. The problem is the squirrels are getting in through a roof vent which the squirrels have destroyed to get into the attic. The owner is aware of this problem but has not fixed the vent which is also leaking rain water into my laundry room thus the squirrel problem continues. This unhealthy and serious problem has been going on for quite some time now. It looks like mold where the rain water is leaking in my ceiling. What can I do? Is there a test I can get for mold? Also what can I do to get the owner to fix the leaking vent caused by the squirrels? Gary

Washington County Oregon about 2 years ago

Pruning ~40 year old apple and 35 year old pear trees

Disregard this question -- we decided to cut down the trees --- I am helping my parents out pruning their apple and pears (Bartlett) trees. Is there a good guide for pruning older pear and apple trees? Also, they have consistent problems with worms in the apples, and tried to have it professionally sprayed several times last year without avail. Would there be a natural way to control for the worms that infect apple trees? Thanks for the help. Ben

Washington County Oregon about 4 years ago

RE apple safety update

I think I neglected to provide my e-mail on the previous question re translucent spots on apples.

Did you receive the first e-mail re translucent area inside large, light yellow apples that have no visible marks on the skin but many of the milk-glass type areas inside (not brown).

From other question responses it appears the apples have Watercore. Are the apples safe to eat, make applesauce, pies, etc.?

Washington County Oregon over 4 years ago

Dying tree?

We have two trees growing side by side. One has been dropping leaves for several weeks. We first thought it was caused by the very hot temperatures a few weeks ago, but only one tree is dropping leaves. Attached is a photo of the two trees - the problem tree is in front. And a photo of the leaves on the lawn. Your thoughts are most appreciated.

Tree_300x300%2523 Lawn_300x300%2523

Washington County Oregon over 4 years ago

tomatoes not rippening

Hi Folks, I have many large early girl and new girl tomatoes that have been green for at least four weeks (I think). The other ones, celebrity have been ripening nicely. What's going on? Thank you. Tamara

Washington County Oregon over 5 years ago

Average honey production per hive for Oregon counties

Hello, I was curious about the average honey production by county in Oregon. Thanks! Stan McAllister

Washington County Oregon over 5 years ago

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