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Maple Tree

what is this picture below



Wasco County Oregon almost 3 years ago

invasive bamboo

I have bamboo coming into my yard under the fence from the neighbor. It didn't start invading until they cut it down and tried to eliminate it. That didn't work very well for them and so they got a backhoe to come in and dig it out. By then it had already started coming into my yard. I've been clipping it back when I see it come up, but this is not working and it sends long subterrenian runners underground and then will pop up 6 feet from the fence. Lately I've been putting RoundUP on the freshly cut shoot. I don't yet know if that is helping kill that shoot or even slow it down. HELP!!!


Wasco County Oregon about 7 years ago


I live in The Dalles How far back and when should I trim


Wasco County Oregon almost 4 years ago

Rose Leaves Look Burned

The rose bushes are in the worst position for sun -- facing west -- and I'm in the dry The Dalles. Every summer the leaves look burned. I give them lots more water, and it doesn't help. Is there anything at all that can be done?


Wasco County Oregon almost 6 years ago

What are these insect eggs?

Can you help me identify these insect eggs? I don’t want to harm them if they are something beneficial. They were placed within the past few days on a tropical “Rio” plant near my front door. Thanks!!


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Wasco County Oregon 9 months ago

Soil Testing

Do you do garden soil testing?


Wasco County Oregon 8 months ago

Rose leaves

What is attacking my roses. I have two bushes about 2 feet from each other. Besides the deer eating the blossoms as soon as the form, I have at least on thing attacking each rose respectively. Here are photos of each rose leaves. What is my problem


Rosebush_a_(1)_300x300%2523 Rosebush_a_(2)_300x300%2523

Wasco County Oregon 4 days ago

Tree survival odds with bark damage

A dog scratched the bark off of half the circumference of a tree we own. The damage goes about 5 feet up the tree. Photo is attached. Do you think the tree will survive?



Wasco County Oregon 8 months ago

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