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How can filamentous algae be contolled in ponds?

How can I control or eliminate filamentous green algae in my stock ponds?


Wallowa County OR over 6 years ago

Brown leaves on new liliac bush

I planted a new Sensation Lilac bush this spring, the leaves here lately are turning brown. I do feed about every 14 days with miracle grow. I'm not sure what is happening. Any advice for me.



Wallowa County OR almost 3 years ago

Fertilizer for White Fir

We several mature white fir trees on our property in Wallowa County. What’s the best way to maintain their health?


Wallowa County OR 9 months ago

Moving to Wallowa, OR and wanted to know what types of deciduous shade trees...

Moving to Wallowa, OR and wanted to know what types of deciduous shade trees would do well there? Also what type, if any, fruit tree would produce in the valley? Lastly, what vegetables and berries can be grown? I would appreciate any and all advise I can get. Thanks Lynn


Wallowa County OR almost 4 years ago


We live outside Joseph, Oregon. I've noticed these curious galls growing on native roses. Any explanation? Also the thistle. We've heard of a new species in the County. Is this one? Can you share this with our county extension agent?


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Wallowa County OR almost 4 years ago

Bush identification

Trying to id this bush in my yard.


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Wallowa County OR almost 4 years ago

When to Spray Fruit Trees in NE Oregon

Hi. I am new to gardening the NE Oregon. I live between Enterprise and Lostine along highway 82. I would appreciate any advice you could offer about care of fruit trees before the fruit sets, particularly when to spray and against what diseases to protect against. I have started cherry, asian pear, and apricot trees in the last 2 years. Dwarf apple and 3 large plum trees are established already. This year I am planning to start a peach tree and grapes in containers.


Wallowa County OR about 3 years ago

Worm holes

This year our russets had small worm holes, why? How do I prevent this? Also a few had hollow heart.


Wallowa County OR over 2 years ago

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