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Unicorn rabbit

My MoMA rabbit has had a small growth near her nose for over a year. Started off looking like a skin tag. It would get a little larger, then shrink back down. It's quite large now and very hard like a fingernail. It does not seem to bother her or get in the way of accessing food & water. I've read a bit about what it is on the interwebs-- rabbit papilloma is my best guess- but I'd like another opinion:)


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Union County Oregon rabbits veterinary about 1 year ago

deer damage to peach trees

I have a new peach tree and deer have eaten some of the bark. What can be done to help heal the tree?


Union County Oregon horticulture fruit trees over 2 years ago

Codling moth

I have a home garden and small orchard. Last season the apples of one tree had small brown tunnels burrowed into them with small surface blemishes. Could this have been caused by an insect other than a Codling moth? How can I be sure and what is the most effective organic approach to get rid of it? Thanks for the help, Ida Pacheco Joseph, OR


Union County Oregon insect issues fruit trees horticulture over 3 years ago

Forage growing degree days

What is a good base temperature to use when calculating growing degree days for the most common forages (especially grasses) in Union County?


Union County Oregon pastures and forages almost 6 years ago

Lilac tree in trouble

I have a young lilac tree I planted last fall. It has done well until very recently: It's leaves are curling. They have black spots developing and look like something might be nibbling them, except that I can't find any insects. I tried a home brew of water with oil, dish soap and a touch of vinegar. As I rubbed some on the trunk and branches, I found grainy stuff, especially in the places where branches leave the trunk. What might this be? Also, would rose food be good for my tree?


Union County Oregon horticulture lilac over 2 years ago

Kissing bug

Is this a kissing bug?


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Union County Oregon insect identification 4 months ago

lawn removal

what is the best way to remove a lawn and use the area for a garden? Digging it up would require a lot of labor, but using a chemical to kill the grass may not be the best choice as there are plants close to the grass that I want to keep.


Union County Oregon lawns and turf over 6 years ago

Powdery Mildew on Pine Bark bush

I plan to dig out my pine bark bush that is infected with powdery mildew. How do I protect another bush that I hope to plant in that same spot? How do I stop the spread to my other bushes? Are there mildew spores in the soil? Do I need to sterilize the soil? And if so, what do you recommend?
Thank you for your help.


Union County Oregon horticulture forestry 25 days ago

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