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Cinder/ cement blocks used for bbq pit

nevermind, i see your answer to a previous related question

Umatilla County OR almost 3 years ago

Winter/cold hardy weggies

I was frustrated when i discovered my local garden centers don't have cold hardy plants. They sell them in the spring but by August, when one should be planting winter hardy plants, they're gone. Do you know why this happens?


Umatilla County OR about 2 years ago

Walnut tree leaves

What could this be on my walnut tree leaves? It looks like indentations of some bug.


Img_20180515_202201_300x300%2523 Img_20180515_202152_300x300%2523 Img_20180515_202147_300x300%2523

Umatilla County OR over 2 years ago

Colony Collapse Disorder

I was wondering if anyone has studied reduced biodiversity as a potential cause for colony collapse disorder? It seems to me that the widespread spraying of weeds may have significantly reduced the biodiversity (and timing) with which bees rely on a food supply and potentially other chemical signals.


Umatilla County OR over 6 years ago

organic food farming

what is the best crop for a beginning organic farm ,garlic?


Umatilla County OR over 5 years ago

Eastern Oregon Greenhouse

My name is Jennifer Franks, I am the site coordinator for our STEM Academy of Umatilla Afterschool Program. I work with middle school and high school students. We just recently purchased a greenhouse! I was wondering if you had any contacts that would be interested in donating some time to come help us and the kids set it up or give some advice or feedback?


Umatilla County OR over 3 years ago

Lawn Problems

What is going on with this lawn? About an acre of lawn and it has been going downhill since someone cut it. Maybe something on the mower?


Lawn_issue_1_jack_stewart_(2)_300x300%2523 Lawn_issue_4_jack_stewart_(003)_300x300%2523 Lawn_issue_2_jack_stewart_(003)_300x300%2523

Umatilla County OR almost 4 years ago


We have a very serious problem along a 175' stretch of ground on the Umatilla River in Umatilla County. They have intruded 30' of our land. How do we get rid of them without trapping since trapping is not a permanent solution. Thanks Dave


Umatilla County OR almost 8 years ago

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