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Viburnum tinus 'Compactum'

I did not know that contact dermatitis was possible. It is now out of my yard!!

Tillamook County Oregon over 3 years ago

freezer jam

my Marion berry no sugar freezer jam will not set up


Tillamook County Oregon home food preservation almost 7 years ago

Blueberry tip die back

Some of my blueberries have this tip die back. Is it Bacterial Canker or pseudomonas, or something else? Thanks



Tillamook County Oregon blueberries horticulture almost 5 years ago

Name of this weed

This plant is growing on the grounds of Camp Magruder near Rockaway. It causes problems because the plant creates painful tiny thorns. It grows very close to the ground and has a large central root.


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Tillamook County Oregon weeds about 1 year ago

Seafood Testing

Where can I find test results for (Fukishima) radiation levels in seafood harvested locally (ie. crabs, clams, salmon, rockfish, tuna)


Tillamook County Oregon seafood safety seafood over 6 years ago

Thatching lawn in Tillamook

I know my lawn needs thatching, but am a little unsure of the best time. Should I try to plan it soon or wait until later in the spring or early summer?


Tillamook County Oregon lawns and turf horticulture about 4 years ago

Lead and Arsenic Soil Testing

Would you please direct me to lead and arsenic soil testing companies? I am a coordinator for a youth gardening program. We are planning to create a garden that is next to an old building and would like to know if there is lead and/or arsenic in the soil and at what levels.


Tillamook County Oregon over 3 years ago

Knot Weed

How do I eradicate knot weed on my creek bank?


Tillamook County Oregon japanese knotweed control over 2 years ago

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