Sherman County, Oregon

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Tree of Heaven, Toxic or Not

In the past few years several workers have broke out with poison ivy / oak rash after doing removal of "Tree of Heaven" branches, limbs and roots. Though I cannot find convincing evidence or literature. Any info on the species would be great.


Sherman County Oregon over 2 years ago

plant identification

I have several of these plants, but no one seems to know shat they are. It has a tap root and its leaves and flower stalk come from the base. The flower stalk has many smaller alternating leaves and branching stems at the top with small inconspicuous flower at the tips. It smells a little like mustard.



Sherman County Oregon about 7 years ago

Chiogga Beets

why did my Chiogga Beets turn black in the middle after cooking, slicing,and refrigerating them? Are they safe to eat?


Sherman County Oregon almost 7 years ago

Raising turkeys

My name is Jeanne von Borstel and I live SE of Grass Valley Oregon. We are going to raise some turkeys (just to wander around our barn yard as pets). I was reading that I should contact you and see if our area has a problem with Blackhead disease. I should mention I started my chicken (just for laying hens) a year ago. Do I need to medicate my turkeys and if so with what? Also, I am aware that baby turkeys are very fragile. Would it be alright when they get past their new stage and start looking like little teenagers, if they stay with my chickens, until they are big enough to be safe walking around our barnyard? My chickens are NOT free rangers and will always stay in the pen.


Sherman County Oregon about 1 year ago

Rusty canner

I have an old enamel canner with some chips that are rusty. If I clean it very well, will it be safe to use?


Sherman County Oregon over 1 year ago

what to grow

do not want to just grow lawn grass. I do not want to grow something that the winds would carry seeds into the nearby wheat fields. would blueberries be an ok item to plant? other suggestions for gardening? in town of Wasco.


Sherman County Oregon about 3 years ago

Fruit trees

Hello, We are wanting to plant fruit trees on our property in Grass Valley/Moro, Oregon and need information about what type of trees would do well for a small orchard. Thank you in advance for any advice or direction you can provide. Barb Spady


Sherman County Oregon almost 4 years ago

Oregon Raceway Park

Located just East of Grass Valley O.R.P. is the largest race track in Oregon. Now in our 9th year we are continuing to develop the facility. We have two large new areas that have been graded and are in bare dirt that we would like to stabilize and plant with grass. Their use is for tent camping and parking areas. We have a 15' Toro Mower (golf course type) and need a hearty and traffic resistant grass that will hold up with a minimum of care. What can you recommend?


Sherman County Oregon almost 3 years ago

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