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Tree bugs or birds

Hi this is Tom & Kim, We recently (2-years ago) purchased 13 acres near Dallas in Polk County. On our property we have approx 2-3 acres of woods on the lowest elevation. This woods has many types of trees. The Douglas fir are doing well, however some of the Ponderosa Pine & other types of Pine are dead or the top half is dead. Two of our neighbors are concerned that bugs are killing the trees & that this may spread. We had a young arborist come out to the property about a year ago. He seemed to think the dying was caused from birds (sap suckers) ringing the trees. Now that we have cleared a sections of trees (about 70%) in this area. The logs are lying in a field in a pile. I can see just under the tree bark, bug tracks on some. (Sorry I didn't take any photos but can this weekend if needed) Here are a few questions. Can you tell by looking at photos if the dying is caused from bugs or birds? If it's bugs, do we need to burn all the trees? Most of the dead sections look very old & don't have much bark remaining. We were planning on using the trees for gardening, boarders, composting, projects etc. Is it possible (tell me if I'm crazy) to quarantine the pile with black plastic sheathing & bug bomb? Our neighbor said the bugs hatch in March. Do you ever have someone come out to property? That's it for now, looking forward to getting some answers.

Polk County Oregon over 5 years ago

Is this poisonous Think variation of ribbon snake

Is this poisonous Think variation of ribbon snake


Polk County Oregon about 1 year ago

Invasive Hawthorn tree on my property

I have about 16+ acres in Polk County and over the years a hawthorn tree has been taking over much of the property. I went on the Oregon Department of Agriculture webpage and it appears that this is a variant of Cratageus monogyna/European Hawthorn. Isa this an invasive species and should I begin to remove it. I tried to get ahold of Brad Withrow-Robinson, Polk County Extension forester but haven't heard back from him yet. Thanks for any advice or help you could give me. It is a beautiful tree but is out-of-control. Sincerely, Ronald M. Cooper


Polk County Oregon over 6 years ago

Brown Arborvitae

Several of my 10 year-old Arborvitae just turned brown. it seems like in a matter of days. They don't have any visible insects, and aren't in an area where they could have been exposed to any herbicides or the like. From Google I have found that it could be many things such as fungus or drainage issues. Is there any product we can treat them with? Any advice will be wonderful!! Linda Coakley


Polk County Oregon over 6 years ago

I found this growing in my yard, and have no idea what it is I was hoping...

I found this growing in my yard, and have no idea what it is I was hoping someone there could tell me.. Thank You, Harold Alger


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Polk County Oregon about 2 years ago

Ligus bugs

I have a very heavy outbreak of ligus bugs. How do I get rid of them without spraying? What can I do next year to control them better?


Polk County Oregon over 3 years ago

Potting medium for growing blueberries in pots

According to "Growing Blueberries in Your Home Garden" EC 1304, "A good planting mix consists of about 80 percent fir bark, 10 percent peat moss, and 10 percent perlite." Fir bark can be purchased in different forms. I've seen (for sale) fir bark shavings, fir bark dust, fir bark mulch. What should I look for?


Polk County Oregon almost 2 years ago

tansy control

Hi. I was told the Polk County Extension can help me acquire a caterpillar (Cinnabar?) that will eat the tansy that has exploded across our property this summer. Am I barking up the correct tree?


Polk County Oregon over 4 years ago

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