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What is this plant?

My daughter and boyfriend picked this for me on mt. Hood. Was wondering if you could tell me what it is and how to care for it.


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Morrow County OR about 3 years ago

Insect unknown type

Any idea what this insect is? It’s living on marijuana plant in Irrigon.


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Morrow County OR over 3 years ago

Eastern oregon truffel variety

What variety are the truffles that grow near the Columbia River in Morrow County


Morrow County OR over 4 years ago

Boardman Australian Willows Experiencing Leaf Yellowing and branch die off

Here in northeast Oregon we have a person with a number of Australian willow trees that have started to have yellow leaves on specific branches only this past year. The trees are about 15 years old and are irrigated near a lawn from an irrigation ditch next to the house. The owner is very concerned about the trees, she has been pruning off the affected branches but is worried about whatever is causing it spreading to the other trees. She hasn't observed any webs or obvious insect differences on the tree this year, but did note that this was the first year she had a lawn care service come out to spray the lawn (she didn't know what with) near the trees and wondered if that might affect them.
I have been looking into it and I'm pretty stumped by the information out there about Australian willows specifically, though I did notice they are classified USDA zone 9-11 (we are about zone 6 here) and wonder if this past winter did not do them any help.
Admittedly, I am not a tree expert and this has me very confused. The owner has a sample in to the OSU plant pathology lab, but is very anxious to prune or spray something to save her trees. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!


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Morrow County OR over 3 years ago

How to treat knapweed

Hello, I have a pasture near Lexington that has knapweed. I'm not sure which species. I have a couple acres that is heavily infested, beyond what I can effectively spot spray or hand pull. I plan to broadcast spray it with herbicide. I would like to know the best time to apply herbicide, what type of herbicide is most effective, and at what rate. Thank you-


Morrow County OR 10 months ago

Bug Identification

Today I found a swarm of several thousand bugs eating my spinach, chard and beet tops. They are strong fliers and mover very fast. I sprayed them with permethrin and it seems like they are all dead for now. They just defoliate your plants over night. The bugs are gray and about 3/4 inch long. See the attached picture. Can you help me?



Morrow County OR over 6 years ago

garden insects

are spider mites a problem in our area?


Morrow County OR over 7 years ago

Fast growing shade trees for NE Oregon

I have lost several Twisted Willow trees to the Clear-Winged Moth larvae recently. I need to replace them with quick growing shade trees. I like Aspens, but I don't know if they are suited for the hot summers in Boardman, OR. Any other ideas? I don't want a very tall tree, because of the proximity to my house and other structures (30') with the high winds we get here. My neighbor has Austrees, but I prefer a single trunk. About the Clear Winged Moth, how do I protect the rest of my trees from these? They are not noticable until it's too late.


Morrow County OR over 7 years ago

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