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Hinoki Cypress tree hurting

I cannot figure out what is killing my beautiful trees. Can anyone help?

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Marion County OR 3 months ago

Native Oregon landscaping

I am the architect and part owner for a intentional living community called Points Beyond Cottages in Silverton OR. You can find us at Our intent is to have a completely native, low maintenance landscape with no lawns. We would like to coordinate with you in making our development a demonstration project for sustainable site practices. Ours is a mix of two oak groves which at this point is either grass or invasives like blackberry. Please give me a call: Victor Madge @971-218-4505

Marion County OR over 3 years ago

Rhododendron problems

What is causing white speckling on the surfaces of rhododendron leaves?

Marion County OR over 4 years ago

Fruit trees in Salem

Hi there, We just moved from Klamath Falls to Salem. I would like to plant some fruit trees. Is it too late to plant right now? Which type of trees do the best in this climate, and where on a piece of property is the best placement, if that matters? Thank you

Marion County OR about 6 years ago

what are the best flowers to plant?...

I live in Salem. I have flower boxes facing south with full to partial sun. I want colorful blooms with some trailing. What are the best types of flowers to plant?

Marion County OR almost 7 years ago

Reusing reclaimed timber for construction

What do you think about using reclaimed timber for construction over using new timber? Would you think it could save you money?

Marion County OR about 7 years ago

Name this bug

our local community garden has been infested by these lil critters they do fly and jump they do not seem to be destroying plants particularly but that do seem to just be everywhere


Marion County OR over 7 years ago

Lily Disease

Each year my Stargazer lilies develop brown leaves and the blooms die and fall off. They get afternoon sun. What is wrong with my lilies and how can I prevent it from happening next year?


Marion County OR over 7 years ago

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