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Identify spider egg sac

I found this spider egg sac in my house today. I am desperately trying to find out what breed of spider this came from. I can't find any info or images online that seem to match. I live in Northern California, roughly 50 miles East of San Fransisco. If you could identify it for me, I would be very grateful!

Thank You!



San Joaquin County California over 3 years ago

Damage to trunk

Our dog almost chewed through the trunk of a young plum tree that we recently planted. Can it be saved? Can we get it down to the original "nub" which is approx 2" from the ground so it will grow again or should we just dig it up and start over?


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San Joaquin County California almost 5 years ago


i whant to know how to a fuelpump from a1999 mercedes ml430


San Joaquin County California over 7 years ago

I hate Aphids

I have tried several "organic" solutions to treat a nagging aphid population on my Zuccinni squash and my basil. Is there a knock out punch for these pest! Preferably organic.


San Joaquin County California about 4 years ago

What type of plant is this

Is it some kind of succulent.?



San Joaquin County California about 4 years ago

Leaf problem

I was wondering if you can tell me what this is. I Hv a good spray an sulfer program but maby I'm missing something. The leaves all looked good till about 2 weeks ago. I'm in Northern California an we Hv had a wet and warm spring. The leaves seem to get better after they mature. Thank you I forgot to add there 4 year old merlot grapes


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San Joaquin County California over 4 years ago

Fig trees

I have 4 fig trees over 30 years old. When I arrived on the property the suckers are coming out like 3 feet. I cut them off the tree every year and I want to stop them from growing. Can I rap the truck of the tree in burlap? Please help I want to stop the suckers


San Joaquin County California about 1 year ago

infestations of insects in container gardens

I live in the north section of the central valley of Ca. For the second year in a row, I am trying to grow herbs, flowers, and a few veggies in containers on my patio (with a lot of sun) as I have no space for an in-ground garden.

It seems as though every plant, (herbs included!), whether I plant them or I leave them in pots from the garden store, get an infestation of white flies, aphids etc. Mostly those I think. I hate the idea of chemical sprays, and have used organic ones to no avail. I broke down today and bought a chemical spray..ick.

What is the problem and what can I do? I'm ready to give up!




San Joaquin County California over 5 years ago

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