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4H and FFA?

My daughter is in 4H and is transitioning into FFA. Is there a reason that I should keep her in both?


Malheur County Oregon 4-h over 2 years ago

Bill bugs

Is there an update on Spring billlbug activity in lawns available? I'm in Nyssa. I have my lawn prepped, insecticide/spreader on the ready, all I need is a date and I'll get it on the lawn. Thanks, Sandra


Malheur County Oregon horticulture 6 months ago

Ground squirrel control in hay crops

What are the best options for control of ground squirrels in a hay crop (> 50 acres)


Malheur County Oregon wildlife damage management over 6 years ago

get rid of house flies

Im in Vale OR. I live in town with no livestock around. I'm over run with house flies. It is difficult to enjoy the shaded patio in the evenings. I've hung a few fly bags around (fill with water, let stink, and flies drown) but it seems to add a lot of smell and help with flies a little. I scattered a little golden malrin in the gravel and made sure there's no food or dog waste around. Any suggestions?


Malheur County Oregon insect issues over 6 years ago

Butterfly, hummingbird garden help

My children and I are working towards building a butterfly and hummingbird garden in Ontario, Orego (Malheur County). What host plants do we need for our local available butterflies and what hummingbirds do we have in our area and thus, flowers for the seasons we get them?


Malheur County Oregon horticulture hummingbird and butterfly gardening 6 months ago

soil fertility

My friend bought a house (in Elko NV - I live in Vale OR). The yard is bare dirt. We've talked about landscaping but I'm concerned the soil is very poor and it might have been treated with a sterilant (based on what the neighbors say). Where can I send a sample for fertility testing and for testing for the presents of sterilant?


Malheur County Oregon soil and fertility issues over 6 years ago

Blue Buildings on Farmland near Ontario

There is a chunk of farmland between Ontario and Vale that has a number of small, blue shacks on it (mostly on the north side of Hwy 20). Driving past (at highway speeds) we could not figure out what they were for. They appear to be all opening to the same direction (southeast) and are empty, or mostly so, though I thought I could see shelves or similar in them. Do you have any idea what they are for? A really grainy picture is attached -- it's the best I could do with my smart phone at 55 mph! Thanks in advance...



Malheur County Oregon small farm issues over 5 years ago

Soil Testing

Does the extension service provide soil testing and ,if they do, how much does it cost? What are the requirements?


Malheur County Oregon soil testing horticulture almost 3 years ago

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