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water testing

I made arrangements to have someone do water testing at our market (Brownsville Thursday market this week (thursday 3-6) and I can't find her name. Would you share? Gini Bramlett interim mkt mgr. 503-381-7333

Linn County OR water testing and interpretation 2 months ago

planting buckwheat

I want to broadcast buckwheat on tilled ground. should I work it in with a tiller, a disk or a spike harrow? should I then roll it to improve seed soil contact or would it work to just waterit in?

Linn County OR over 2 years ago

Grapevine woes

My grapes are stunted and shriveled up. They were fine last two years. Vines are very old. I'm a novice. What is it? What can I do about it?? Barbara in Brownsville

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Linn County OR about 3 years ago

africanized honey bees in Mill City????

It sure looks like that could be what is happening here at a house for sale down by Kimmel Park. Can we please get some help? Call Vicky at 503 897-2938. She has seen it in person.

Linn County OR bees over 4 years ago

Boer Goats (Wethers)

Do Boer wethers have to be dehorned for market projects? For fair? For 4-H or FFA?

Linn County OR 4-h 4-h livestock over 6 years ago

Herb identification

What herb is this?



Linn County OR 4 months ago

Micro clover or other grass lawn replacement?

I moved in to my first house with a lawn recently, and realized that I'm quite allergic to the grass (when I mow it I need to wear an air filter mask and really thoroughly wash my skin and eyes after). I was planning to replace the it with bark mulch or something, but then I heard that micro clover might be a good option because it looks nicer and is good for pollinators. However, since then I've heard a lot of conflicting information about it potentially being invasive or needing mowing that I'm worried might cause me the same problems. I'm hoping you can give me advice about what I can replace the lawn with (micro clover, mulch, or something else) that 1) is most beneficial to wildlife/soil/the environment and 2) doesn't require much maintenance. Thank you!


Linn County OR lawns and turf alternative lawn dutch white clover 12 days ago

Strange Plant Popped Up, What is it?

Hi Folks, I grow Oregon native plants on my property, including some listed plants (I have permit); an odd plant popped up in an area I cleared after my nine foot P. cardwellii died of old age. Out of curiosity, I let it grow and last night it opened up, stayed in bloom so far this morning. It looks alien and is likely either invasive or ornamental. I would like to know the plant name/species. It is quite large, competitive of the adjacent sunflowers; about 2.5 feet leaf tip to tip and now about two feet high. The photos were either taken early morning; the flower is a light lavender away from the center. Thank you, Jim Smith Albany, Or


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Linn County OR plant identification jimsonweed datura stramonium 23 days ago

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