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Tomato canning question

Hello, I have an abundance of Carolina Gold slicing tomatoes. can I can large yellow/orange tomatoes together with my red tomatoes?

Linn County Oregon 6 months ago

Tansy removal

Hi there. We live on 3 acres in Scio & this year, the tansy invaded our 2 acre pasture where we have one horse. Unfortunately, my husband had a knee injury that prevented him from walking all through June & July, and now we’re trying to catch up on caring for our property. We know that this tansy is toxic and need it gone. But, it’s too hard to pull from the root for removal - we’ve been trying! It’s so tall....almost to my chest....and very thick. We’ve already removed a huge trailer load. Is it safe to mow the rest and leave on the ground to decompose or should we continue with hand removal? Since it’s too hard to pull, we considered using a weed wacker to cut them down to the ground, and then removing the debris. I’ll send a few photos so you can see what we’re dealing with. We want what’s best for our horse & also what will prevent it from growing again. We plan to spray in the fall and spring to get rid of this for good. Any other advice you might offer?

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Linn County Oregon 7 months ago

Dying branches in Juniper bushes

Last year you helped me with concerns I had with redwood trees on our property. They look great now. Thank you. My question now has to do with dying branches in our Juniper bushes. We had almost all of the dead cut out last year but the problem seems even worse this year. I thought the problem might be insects so I cut some small branches off and tapped them on a white paper and took pictures of the insects. The most insects came off of the branches that were turning lighter green, the dead branches didn’t have much show up. I’m attaching pictures. I zoomed in as close as I could but the insects are very small. If you think the insects are the problem I would like to know what spray to use and if it should be sprayed before or after cutting out the dead. I appreciate any guidance you can provide.
Best Regards,
Dennis Turkovich

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Linn County Oregon 8 months ago


Is shrimp stock safe to can

Linn County Oregon about 1 year ago

water testing

I made arrangements to have someone do water testing at our market (Brownsville Thursday market this week (thursday 3-6) and I can't find her name. Would you share? Gini Bramlett interim mkt mgr. 503-381-7333

Linn County Oregon over 1 year ago

planting buckwheat

I want to broadcast buckwheat on tilled ground. should I work it in with a tiller, a disk or a spike harrow? should I then roll it to improve seed soil contact or would it work to just waterit in?

Linn County Oregon almost 4 years ago

Grapevine woes

My grapes are stunted and shriveled up. They were fine last two years. Vines are very old. I'm a novice. What is it? What can I do about it?? Barbara in Brownsville

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Linn County Oregon over 4 years ago

africanized honey bees in Mill City????

It sure looks like that could be what is happening here at a house for sale down by Kimmel Park. Can we please get some help? Call Vicky at 503 897-2938. She has seen it in person.

Linn County Oregon over 5 years ago

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