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water testing

I made arrangements to have someone do water testing at our market (Brownsville Thursday market this week (thursday 3-6) and I can't find her name. Would you share? Gini Bramlett interim mkt mgr. 503-381-7333

Linn County OR water testing and interpretation 6 months ago

planting buckwheat

I want to broadcast buckwheat on tilled ground. should I work it in with a tiller, a disk or a spike harrow? should I then roll it to improve seed soil contact or would it work to just waterit in?

Linn County OR over 2 years ago

Grapevine woes

My grapes are stunted and shriveled up. They were fine last two years. Vines are very old. I'm a novice. What is it? What can I do about it?? Barbara in Brownsville

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Linn County OR over 3 years ago

africanized honey bees in Mill City????

It sure looks like that could be what is happening here at a house for sale down by Kimmel Park. Can we please get some help? Call Vicky at 503 897-2938. She has seen it in person.

Linn County OR bees over 4 years ago

Boer Goats (Wethers)

Do Boer wethers have to be dehorned for market projects? For fair? For 4-H or FFA?

Linn County OR 4-h 4-h livestock almost 7 years ago

Herb identification

What herb is this?



Linn County OR 7 months ago

Problems with my Bing cherry tree.

It started bleeding large amounts of sap from a number of locations. As far as I know there was no physical damage to the tree. None of my other cherry varieties have this problem. See attached pictures.


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Linn County OR about 1 month ago

Working to control invasive plant species

Hi, I'm interested in working with a group to monitor and/or control invasive plant species. I expect to have time available starting in the later part of the summer of 2020. Do you know of any organizations near Albany or Lebanon, Oregon that I could contact? I don't have special training although I actually enjoy weeding and observing how each weed seems to have one weakness that provides opportunity for elimination. (Yeah, really. I'm serious) Anyway, at this point I need more knowledge and am willing to read up and educate myself so I might actually become useful to whatever organization I eventually connect with. Are there any books or programs specializing in this information? Thank you, Laurie Burdeaux


Linn County OR weeds volunteering about 1 month ago

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