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Beehive leasing/renting

How can we lease/rent a single beehive to have on our farm that is maintained by the bee owner?


Lincoln County OR over 6 years ago


I live about 100 yards uphill from the ocean just south of Newport---do bats live this close to the ocean? If so, what kind?


Lincoln County OR over 2 years ago

Eradicating Swamp Buttercup in pastures

Every year the moister areas of our cattle pasture get more and more covered with Swamp Buttercup ( Ranuculas Hispidus/Repens?) What spray is most effective to kill it without destroying the native grass and clover? When is the best time to apply it? It is not good for the cattle and horses and needs to be controlled.


Lincoln County OR over 7 years ago

Orange powder on pine tree

I have 3 old pine trees in a group in my yard. This year one of the trees have 2 small (1 - 2 inches) "bumps" with orange powder on them on the main trunk 2 ft from the ground. The bark on these bumps has gone and there is just orange powder plus fresh resin. What is this and what is the best way to cure it ?


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Lincoln County OR over 1 year ago

Horsehair worm or snake

Seem to have quite a few of these in my flower garden and now noticing them in my vegetable garden. Was wondering how harmful they were to my flower garden vegetable garden my dog are my small children and if so can you do any preventive maintenance on them


Lincoln County OR over 4 years ago

Refrigerator shelf life of a homemade salad dressing?

We are thinking of making homemade salad dressing for Christmas gifts. It will contain the following ingredients which we plan on sourcing as fresh as possible. fresh minced onion, peanut oil, rice vinegar, minced fresh garlic, salt, pepper, soy sauce, ketchup, fresh minced celery, fresh minced ginger, sugar and lemon juice. What would be a safe recommended refrigerator shelf life? We plan to gift them in 6 oz glass jars. We are not planning on canning the dressing. Your help is appreciated, we would prefer not to poison friends and family.


Lincoln County OR about 5 years ago

wildfire replanting

Hello. Would like to get in touch with Dan who is our agent for Lincoln. Please forward us his email. Thank you. We hired a forest accessor who has contacted him about planting redwoods. We have a couple of other ideas also after being at ground zero for the Echo Mountain wildfire. Thank you.


Lincoln County OR about 1 month ago

Honey bees/mosquitos

A couple of years ago we moved to Neotsu (near Lincoln City). We live about 4 city blocks from Devil's Lake. I rarely see a mosquito and haven't ever seen a honey bee even though we are surrounded by flowers and black berries. I'm not sure if I've seen a yellow jacket wasp either. Moving from the Willamette Valley these were all too common. Do these creatures not survive on the Oregon coast?


Lincoln County OR over 6 years ago

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