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Lace Bug on Azalea

Hello! I have two large azaleas that are key to my front entrance landscape. The largest one has pale green foliage and three years ago realized it was getting lace bug damage. I was able to keep it relatively in control with two sprays of soap in the spring. But this year that wasn't adequate and a new infestation this fall is worse than I've seen. The other azalea, a small leafed, dark green variety, now also is showing damage. Using horticultural soaps and oils is preferred but doing so on two large shrubs several times a season is going to get challenging. What's the latest on control of lace bug on azalea? Is a neem oil soil drench really effective? What are the least toxic chemical pesticides available to homeowners? Thanks for the update!

Lane County Oregon 5 months ago

Canned tomatoes

Canned yesterday, these tomatoes are not floating, bad seal? Even though the lid is depressed.


Lane County Oregon 5 months ago


I rented a room in a home that has mold and I had major surgery on my lung, lost part of my lung, to remove the mold which was Aspergelis. The people that live in the home, rent it and are still living in the home and one of those people, is a man who is 64 years old and I was 65 and turned 66 while I lived there. My surgeon told me I had to of had that mold growing on my lung for 8 too 9 months and I lived in that house from April thru January. So what can they do to get help with the the mold cause the man that rents the house does not have the money to have the house inspected so what can he do.??? I'm taking about the man that rents the house.

Lane County Oregon 6 months ago

What kind of lawn grass is this?

I have this type of lawn grass (picture attachment) in my front and back lawn mixed with mostly local fescue and some rye and blue grasses. This unknown grass was already established in my lawn when I purchased the home and I never liked it. I've been overseeding with the other grasses for the past 6 years and this grass still continues to dominate. I don't know what it is but I want to get rid of it without damaging the other grasses in the lawn. Any ideas about what it is and how to get rid of it?


Lane County Oregon 6 months ago

Pruning clematis

Hello! Just wondering if it’s too early to prune my clematis to 6 inches above the ground? Thank you for your help. Sincerely, Loni Reddy

Lane County Oregon 6 months ago


My tomatoes have a silvery web all over the buds and they appear to be harden, no sign of bugs

Lane County Oregon 8 months ago

Using Trees to Capture Carbon

What are the best trees to grow in the foothills of the Willamette Valley to capture carbon? What are the best fruit trees for the same area?
Based on the recent research paper* that states that the cheapest
way to sequester carbon worldwide, will you and can you publish a paper/fact sheet,and other materials
that will show Oregonians top trees to plant based on area, and how many trees
we need to plant to achieve Oregon's share of the global need for reforestation? And, can you publish a paper with a plan for maximum sequestration in OR by newly planted trees? Further, if you do not have the resources to do these things, then will you ask other experts and the Governor for those resources?
Please give this your most concerted attention.


Lane County Oregon over 1 year ago


I seek recommendations for planting seeds of perennials and found a CE page proposing that I plant in the Spring. I live in Eugene. When is Spring?

Lane County Oregon about 4 years ago

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