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My tomatoes have a silvery web all over the buds and they appear to be harden, no sign of bugs

Lane County OR about 1 month ago

Using Trees to Capture Carbon

What are the best trees to grow in the foothills of the Willamette Valley to capture carbon? What are the best fruit trees for the same area?
Based on the recent research paper* that states that the cheapest
way to sequester carbon worldwide, will you and can you publish a paper/fact sheet,and other materials
that will show Oregonians top trees to plant based on area, and how many trees
we need to plant to achieve Oregon's share of the global need for reforestation? And, can you publish a paper with a plan for maximum sequestration in OR by newly planted trees? Further, if you do not have the resources to do these things, then will you ask other experts and the Governor for those resources?
Please give this your most concerted attention.


Lane County OR about 1 year ago


I seek recommendations for planting seeds of perennials and found a CE page proposing that I plant in the Spring. I live in Eugene. When is Spring?

Lane County OR over 3 years ago

Plant fungi?

My cauliflower plant from "Down to Earth" has developed a white powdery-like substance down toward the inner leaves and is on the ground below. What is it?

Lane County OR about 4 years ago

Discoloration on raspberries leaves

I have 5 main canes in a 15-18 foot area, and this is the second year for these canes (I'm a newcomer to raspberries). Two of the 5 canes are not as hardy nor green as their mates. They have a little yellow tinge to the edges of their leaves and they are not as green. I suspect a mineral deficiency rather than a disease, but don't know how to procede...thanks for any help you might be able to send me. P.S. Img 0780 is the healthy cane and img_0779 is the one I am concerned about. Love this venue for asking questions!!

Img_0780_300x300%2523 Img_0779_300x300%2523

Lane County OR over 4 years ago

foamy eye ducks

My duck has eye problems every spring, I have been treating the eye with neomycin ophthalmic ointment but does not improve. It looks like the second lid is coming over and it is yellow and swollen.

Lane County OR over 6 years ago

highbush cranberry...viburnum

This is my bush/tree (ATTACHED PHOTO) and have been told that it MAY be a highbush cranberry? Are they edible? They look ripe and ready for picking. Looking for some expert advice! Thank you for your time, Deanna in Mohawk Valley....Springfield, OR


Lane County OR almost 7 years ago


grow it in a control situation

Lane County OR about 7 years ago

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