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time to plant trees.

I have a small parcel of land in Summer Lake Oregon. I would like to plant Aspen, Birch, and Russian Olive trees. What time of the year is the time to plant these trees ?? Do you know of other trees that would grow in that country ?? It has nothing on it now, except Juniper, sage brush. Thanks, Ken Kime 541-344-7178

Lake County OR almost 5 years ago

transplanting raspberry plants

How soon after digging up raspberry plants in November should they be replanted in another area??? Hasn't snowed yet.

Lake County OR 7 months ago

Dairy substitute

What can I use as a substitute for dry milk in a sourdough pancake recipe for someone who is lactose intolerant?


Lake County OR over 5 years ago

Advice on reforestation of acreage above Summer Lake

Hello - We recently purchase 120 acres in the hills above Summer Lake, rising up to Winter Ridge. Several of the acres were burned in the fire some years ago. We are looking for advice on how and what to plant. There is an excess of juniper on the property, several tall pines remaining, limited aspen. Does OSU provide an extension service for advice in this region? Do you have other resources to recommend? We are starting from zero, basically, and welcome all help. Thank you! Lori Noack 510-289-0106


Lake County OR about 1 year ago


Two part question-- I jumped the gun on planting potatoes.(The weather had been wonderful for weeks.) But since they emerged they have been froze back to the surface three times. Each time they were (and are again) looking great at one to three inches tall.. Question is, has the root system been developing and if it ever stops freezing things will be fine? Or have the plants probably used up the stored energy from the seed and I would be better off to replant? Second question is, is it OK to completely "flood" irrigate the plants. As the young leafs will be underwater for maybe 4 hours.


Lake County OR 3 days ago

Orange Lichen on sagebrush

This seems to be killing all the sagebrush and rabbit brush( probably not proper name) it grows on.. any ideas on what it is an how I can rid myself of it.. I think I saw it start near fire ant mounds but not positive.. have some large really old sage brush affected by it now and I wanted to keep some alive they were huge 20 years ago when I got here..


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Lake County OR about 1 year ago

Type of tick?

Oddly we just found this in our house in Lake County (Summer Lake, Oregon), my husband found it on him in bed after duck hunting yesterday. We also had a friend over last weekend from the Willamette valley. We thought it was odd to find one in Winter, and thought it looked like maybe a really young dog tick or perhaps a Rocky Mountain tick?


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Lake County OR 4 months ago

karen brown, gardener

I just pruned some grape vines (12 years old) that have a dark brown center to the stems and the bark is shredded. Is this a fungus and how do I treat it?


Lake County OR about 7 years ago

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